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Online baloon loan

CO2 Emission calculator

Count your Carbon Footprint

Area calculator widgets

Area Calculator

Finds the area of the Square, Rectangle, Circle or Triangle.

Online baloon loan

Balloon payment calculator

Refinance or convert your short term loan

Blood alcohol estimation

Blood Alcohol Calculator

Calculate how much alcohol is in your blood

Body mass index web

BMI Calculator

Measure your Body Mass Index

Budget estimation app

Budget Calculator

Start saving money by keeping track of your expenses

Calculate business cards print price

Business cards

Count how much money you will spend on printing business cards

Calories i need

Calorie calculator

Measure how much calories you need a day

Car loan calc

Car Loan Calculator

Find the best car financing deal

Car rent web calc

Car rental Calculator

Count how much money you will it cost to rent a car

Car loan calc

Car Towing calculator

Let customers count how much your towing service will cost

Car wash price

Car Wash

Count your car wash expenses

CBD Dosage Calculator

Add a CBD dosage calculator to your website

Temperature converter

Celsius to Fahrenheit

Convert Celsius to Fahrenheit

Car rent web calc

Chauffeur Service Price Calculator

See how much it will cost you to rent a personal driver

Restaurant tip calc

Commission Calculator

Count the fees collected by the sales agents

Mortgage widget

Compound Interest Calculator

Calculate how much money you will save with your deposit

Copywriter price quote calculator

Let customers count the price estimate for your work

Cubic yards

Cubic yard calculator

Calculate the cubic yardage of an object

Calculate business cards print price

Custom Invitations price estimate

Let customers count the price of custom invitations order

Custom Poster Price calculator

Help customers count their custom product price

Data transfer estimator

Data Transfer Calculator

See how much internet data is used when streaming videos

Discount calculation widget

Discount calculator

See how much money you will save by buying a product

Dog years calculation

Dog year calculator

Determine how old your dog is

Online baloon loan

Dream Weight calculator

Help users reach their dream weight

E.Liquid calculator

Add an E.Liquid calculator to your website

Event budget calculator

Help customers count the needed budget

Flooring installation cost calculator

Let customers count the cost estimate for flooring

Future value forecast

Future Value Calculator

Determine the future value of a product

Home renovation cost calculator

Help customers count the renovation costs

Interior design price quote

Provide your Interior design project estimate to clients

Length converter

Length conversion

Convert units from the imperial system to the metric system

Mortgage widget

Mortgage Calculator (incl. Down Payment)

Estimate the cost of your mortgage

Mortgage widget

Mortgage Calculator (+ Insurance and Taxes)

Mortgage widget

Mortgage Calculator (Year)

Estimate the future cost of your mortgage

Neck disability index NDI

Neck Disability Index

Discover how your neck pain affects your life

Exterior paint calc

Paint Calculator

Calculate how much paint you will need to paint your room

Calculate business cards print price

Photography price quote calculator

Let your customers get instant price estimates for your photography service

Embed calc in website

Instant Price Quote Calculator

Let customers estimate the price of your service or product instantly

Embed calc in website

Protein Calculator

Count how much protein per day is needed for you body

Quit smoking

Quit smoking calculator

See how much money you spend on cigarettes

Mortgage widget

Rent Calculator

Plan your holiday expenses

Retirement savings estimate

Retirement calculator

Count how much money you can save until retirement

Online baloon loan

ROI Calculator - Return on Investment

Calculate Return on Investment

Hourly salary calc widget

Salary Calculator

Count your hourly wage based on annual salary

Web calculator widgets

Sales Tax Calculator (Excluding Tax)

Calculate net amount excluding tax

Web calculator widgets

Sales Tax Calculator (Including Tax)

Calculate the gross price based on the net price

Create ROI calc

Investment calculator

See the profit you will get by lending someone money


Savings Calculator

Learn how to save money for your dreams

Speed converter widget

Speed calculator

Convert length from the imperial system to the metric system

Data storage calc online

Storage Calculator

See how much disk space is needed to see a video

VAT calculation

The VAT calculator

VAT Calculator calculates the net and gross price

Tile quantity calculator

Help users count the number of tiles needed

Restaurant tip calc

Tip Calculator

Count how much tip you need to leave for given services

Trip widget for website

Trip Calculator

See how much fuel you will need to travel a distance

VAT calculation

VAT Calculator (Exclusive)

Count your VAT taxes

VAT calculation

VAT Calculator (Inclusive)

Count the sale price with VAT

Victory forecast widget

Victory %

Count your win\loss ratio