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New CALCONIC functionality: Custom landing pages for your calculator promotion

Custom landing pages for your calculator promotion

We are happy to announce the launch of a new Calconic calculator builder functionality that will take your interactive calculator promotion to another level - and we’re talking about Custom Landing Pages!

With this new feature, you will now be able to create a custom landing page for your calculator straight in our calculator editor, making it easier to promote and share it with your audience.

Why do you need custom landings?

Let’s start with the whys for this update. Over the years, we have noticed that while an interactive calculator is enough to promote and sell certain products or services, presenting and sharing the calculator effectively can be a challenge.

You need to have a website where you could embed it, or you have to build a calculator that would not only make calculations but also include information about your business and address the main pain points of why the customer should choose you.

However, this approach can make the calculator too big and negatively impact its user experience. So we came up with a solution that would allow you to build simple landing pages, include basic marketing materials necessary for promotion, and embed your custom interactive calculator without any difficulties.

It is not a move towards becoming a website builder, but yet an improvement in our functionality that would help you achieve even better results with your calculators!

Now let’s jump into what’s new.

What elements will be available for customization?

Our priority has always been the ease of use of our tool. We want you to be able to build a calculator and the promotion page for it as fast as possible, without coding or a long learning curve.

So we have started with a few page layouts prepared for a quick start:

Page layout examples

Then you will be able to:

Landing page scheme

Sounds simple, right? Well, it is. But you can do great things with it, let me give you some ideas! :)

Ideas on how to leverage custom landings for businesses:

Examples of custom landings with interactive calculators

Custom landing page example for copywriting service calculator

Check out this calculator as a free to use template.

Best practices for custom landing pages built with Calconic:

We are sure you’ll unlock great opportunities with this new functionality and will be waiting for your success stories! If you may have any questions about the Calconic calculator editor, as always, feel free to contact us via email or via chat straight from the calculator editor.

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