Great customer service online: how to improve and save

Great customer service online When we first started developing Calconic, we wanted to give users a dynamic tool to address a number of different challenges small and medium businesses face when managing their digital channels. Great customer service quickly became one of our priority topics, and now that Calconic is live, we’re confident in our ability to bring users a valuable solution in this critical area of their business...

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E-commerce for services: how to sell services online using calculators

E-commerce for services When most of us think of e-commerce, the first thing that usually comes to mind is buying and selling goods online. It’s a business model that has played an important role in powering the digital revolution, and one that continues to influence countless industries. However, there’s much more to e-commerce than brands selling their products online. E-commerce for servicesWhat about e-comme...

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Enhancing User Experience with Interactive Calculators

User Experience with Interactive CalculatorAs competition continues to stiffen among Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) selling goods and services online, user experience can play a critical role in converting leads into customers. Differentiation is key, too, and often times you need to take that extra step to ensure that visitors to your website understand the value they’re getting as customers.Approaches to improving user ex...

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