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Generate leads

Generate leads by allowing your website visitors to have the calculated results emailed, and get a copy to your inbox at the same time

Accept Payments

Easily accept one-off payments through our simple PayPal integration. Let your website visitors to figure up the final price of your product or service and pay you directly on your website. It’s super easy and very convenient

Provide information

Turn your hesitating website visitors into buying customers! Let them calculate the final product price, their savings choosing to use your service, the amount of items they need to order & more, directly on your website!

Collect Orders

Turn a simple price estimator into a powerful online ordering tool. Collect customer name, contacts and other information, and receive email alert when order is submitted

Engage visitors

Build personality, career, medicine, love and relationship or any other test to engage your website visitors. Enrich your website with interactive and appealing content


It doesn’t matter what kind of interactive calculator you’re about to build – from a simple price quote calculator to more complex financial or medical calculators – Calconic offers all the flexibility you need. Just take a look at what our customers from all around the world have already created!

Calconic Widget Examples


Engage your site visitors and boost your conversion rates with an attractive and interactive calculator. Prices, discounts, loans, mortgages, body mass index – CALCONIC_ gives you the opportunity to build any custom calculator you can think of and add it to your website.

Easy to build

Build and add an interactive calculator to your site in a click

Custom design

Customize color, text, and more to complement your website’s design


Build anything from a simple to a more complex calculator with a wide range of additional features


Choose from a variety of customizable ready-to-use templates


Looks great on both mobile and desktop websites

Simple to install

Embed a calculator to a specific website page or have it appear as a pop-up


I love this app! And the customer service is incredible! I set up a calculator for our customers and I wanted to it to be simple and look good, and also have a capability to show different prices, with the help of the Calconic Support team they helped me create a formula to create exactly what I needed! I am amazed by their customer service and the amazing app they created!

Home Theatre Glass

Amazing! Absolutely amazing. I sell guitar strings - there is some relatively advanced math involved in figuring out what strings to choose if somebody wants to alter their guitar tuning. Not only was I excited to find a calculator for Shopify, I was beyond surprised to find that it could do all the required math, but that it could be customized to fit my website aesthetically. Incredible!

Winspear Instrumental Company

My website has needed a calculator for years and Calconic made it happen in just a few days. When I saw that Wix offered this app in their market I made up my mind to move my website to Wix just to get this app. It works amazing. My business is screen printing and I needed a complicated (to me) calculator that would add up several variables including the cost of different garments, ink and set-up charges — all of which have a different cost depending on the number of items in an order. Have always done it on paper. I'm not a programmer and had no idea how to write the formulas. I read here that another user contacted Calconic on Facebook and received great support so I did the same thing. Domas replied within a day and we had a working calculator a couple of days later. I was with my previous hosting service for 8 years and switched to Wix because of this app. I could not be happier.


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