Create your calculator’s structure by adding input fields, write a formula that connects the input fields and calculates their values, design a layout of your calculator and you’re all set. Whatever calculator you’re building, CALCONIC_ has all the flexibility you need.


Calculator Builder

  • Drag & drop editor

    Drag and drop elements and input fields, so your calculator looks exactly the way you want it to look.

  • Formulas / Results

    With 19 different types of mathematical operations and functions to choose from, you can build the perfect calculator for whatever you need. And using logical operators and conditional formula formatting you can make your calculator even more powerful!

  • Calculator settings

    Decimal point, thousands separator, gauge colors or slider step – every smallest detail of calculator can be adjusted to meet your needs.

  • Templates

    Choose from a variety of pre-made customizable calculators: balloon loan calculator, body mass index (kg or lbs), compound interest calculator, car loan calculator & more.

  • Easy to install

    Embed a calculator to a website page or show it to your website visitors as a pop-up.

  • Custom design

    Customize color, text, and more to match your site’s look.

  • Design themes

    Choose from a selection of beautiful calculator's themes to mach your website. Make your calculator look stunning in a few clicks!

  • Multistep

    If you are building a complex calculator consisting of many input fields and results, split it up into steps and make it user-friendly.


Fields and elements

  • Numeric Input Field

    Numeric Input Field

    A numeric input field allows site visitor to enter a number. It provides formula with numeric value added by site visitor.

  • Text Input Field

    Text Input Field

    A text input field allows site visitor to enter a text. It provides formula with the amount of symbols or words added to this field.

  • Select Field

    Select Field

    A select field creates a drop down list of predefined options. Site visitor can choose only one of these options. Select field provides formula with the predefined value of selected option.

  • Radio Button

    Radio Button

    A radio button creates a list of predefined select-able options. Site visitor can choose only one of these options. Radio button provides formula with the predefined value of selected option.

  • Checkbox


    A checkbox is a specific type of two-states button that can be either checked or unchecked. It provides formula with one predefined value if box is checked, and another predefined value if box is unchecked.

  • Slider


    A slider is graphical input field that allows site visitor to input number within the specified range. It provides formula with numeric value chosen by site visitor.

  • Information Box

    Information Box

    An information box creates a place to add text for site visitors to read. It doesn’t participate in any calculations.

  • Formula


    A formula makes arithmetical calculations and shows numeric result of these calculations.

  • Gauge


    A gauge is a nice looking tool that helps graphically illustrate the results of the calculation.

  • Gauge

    Text Gauge

    A text gauge is a handful tool that allows to put the results of the calculation in words.

  • Gauge

    Mail Results

    Mail results tool allows your website visitors to have the calculated results emailed, and get a copy to your inbox at the same time.

  • Gauge

    Order form

    Start taking orders by adding Order form tool to your calculator. Collect customer name, contacts and other information, and receive email alerts when orders are submitted.

  • Gauge

    Payment button

    Easily accept one-off payments through our simple PayPal integration. Add a PayPal payment button to your calculator and start accepting payments directly on your website.