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Placing elements into a Element Groups / Multi-step Steps

This article will provide guidelines on how to put elements into and out off Element groups or Multi-steps steps with an updated element navigation system.

Each element has a specific icon at the top of its element settings named Move element. Elements can be placed into the groups/steps and removed out of them via this icon.

NOTE: Each element has to be moved into and out of the groups/steps separately - it is not possible to move them in bulks.

In order to place the element in to a group/step, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the element you wish to add.
  2. Click on Move element.
  3. Click on the place where you want the element to be moved. You can choose a specific group or specific step in the multi-steps element.
  4. Checkmark icon will indicate that the element was moved to the desired place successfully.

Adding elements to groups and steps

NOTE: It is not possible to move group elements into another group element, or move a group element into a Multistep element.

How to remove elements from the group/step:

Clicking on the desired place in the Move element menu allows moving the element between different steps or groups.

If you want to remove the element from the step/group completely, choose the Calculator main level.

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