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Average Bounce Rates in 2021

Average Bounce rate by Industry 2021

For online businesses or companies that have established an online presence, the average bounce rate is crucial to its success. The goal is to lower the bounce rate as much as possible to help increase sales. This means conducting an evaluation of your website by means of the devices used and the bounce rate by industry in which your business operates.

To determine your bounce rate 2021, it is important to understand what bounce rates are, how they are affected by devices, and what industries experience the least and most in terms of these rates.

What is a Bounce Rate?

Put simply, the average bounce rate is the time that a person visits a website on their device, then leaves after viewing the first page. The higher the average bounce rate, the more people who are leaving the site after a short visit.

Bounce rates are often different depending on the device that is used. For example, the bounce rate for tablets is lower compared to desktops. And desktops have a lower bounce rate compared to mobile devices such as smartphones which is nearly 50%.

There is also the bounce rate by industry which is a vital factor to account for in determining the effectiveness of a website.

Bounce Rate by Device

There are three main devices which are categorized in determining the average bounce rates.

Desktops include laptops which are the traditional means of surfing the web. They are falling out of favor as more tablets and mobile devices are gaining prominence.

In determining the bounce rate for your industry, it is important to differentiate between the devices. For example, some types of industries are more likely to be searched using mobile devices compared to others where a desktop makes more sense.

Bounce Rate by Industry

As you can see in the graph, the bounce rate 2021 numbers are consistent across almost all the industries that are listed with one notable exception. The overall average bounce rate for all industries is 47%. This may seem rather high, but a bounce rate of lower than half is quite good.

The one exception is the B2B industries which have a remarkably high 75% bounce rate. Why exactly the numbers are so high is not known. But when it is broken down by device it shows that the bounce rate for mobile and tablet are even higher.

The lowest bounce rate on the graph is energy at just 38%. Grocery is not far behind at 40%. The reason why the bounce rate in 2021 may be lower is because of the availability of such products. The rest of the industry categories are close to the 47% average.

For your industry, the average bounce rate is a vital consideration to the success of your online efforts. By comparing the bounce rate between devices, you can determine what areas on your site need to be addressed. And the bounce rate by industry indicates what you should expect in terms of visitors staying on your site.

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