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4 proven ways to improve conversion rates using widgets

4 proven ways to improve conversion rates using widgets

As a business owner, you probably already know the importance of having a good website. This is the one tool you can use for brand visibility and to also enable you to sell your services on the internet. But is it fully customized to improve conversion rates?

The first thing you’d be told by the experts whenever you have a brand-new website is to ensure it is optimized for search engines. You should work both on the technical and on-page SEO to make sure that your website is well optimized. Other than SEO, the other rather crucial component that will help you boost conversions is the use of widgets. These are some of the most underrated, yet very effective tools that can transform your dull website with low conversions for the better. But, what’s a widget anyway?

In layman’s terms, a widget is an icon or application that users can add to their sites and appear in the forms of contact forms, search fields, social links, etc. They help users to navigate through the website while encouraging them to stay longer. Besides providing personalized experience for users, widgets are also helpful as they increase the conversion rate of your website. So, how’s that done? This post will take you through the four best widgets to add to your website to help boost conversion rates. But first…

What is a website conversion rate?

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Website conversion rate is the rate at which site visitors take a particular predetermined action. For example, if 5,000 people visit a Shopify site in May, and during that month, 3,000 people make a purchase, the conversion rate is 3,000/5,000 multiplied by 100%.

According to Word stream, a great conversion rate is, on average, 2.35%, with a 5.3% for fortune 500 and above 10% for companies at the creme. Adding widgets to your website guarantees an improved conversion rate to match or even surpass the average percentage.

Basically, it shows the percentage of website visitors that take the desired action on site. This action, therefore, converts them from visitors to becoming the leads (or customers)

How do you optimize conversion rates?

Website conversion rates average around 2 percent. For every 100 visitors, you can at least get 2 or 3 customers. And that is a pretty good conversion rate. Most sites get a 0.1 to 0.2 % conversion rate meaning it only gets 1000 visitors to get one customer. So the question is, how do optimize conversion rates?

There are several tried and tested methods to optimize the conversion rate of your website. An essential hack to use is to know your customer and give them exactly what they need. Learning your customers entails in-depth research.

Ensuring you gather valuable data and follow an on page SEO checklist are essential for improving your conversion rates. The data motivates and moves your customers. Knowing this helps you give them the best user experience and enhances the conversion rate of your website.

There are four elements that ensure effective conversion rate optimization. Conversion rate optimization follows several stages and utilizes in-depth data to analyze the results. To ensure increased conversion rate use the data to run tests so as to tweak the content to make it more relevant to your visitors.

These elements are:

A straightforward conversion rate optimization formula is using widgets. This article discusses widgets that, when used, lead to improved conversion in your website.

01 Chatbots

A chatbot is a widget that conducts chat conversation via text or text-to-speech. It provides contact with an agent while simulating a real human conversation, ensuring that the user feels seen and heard.

Chatbots ensure automation in the process of answering common and repetitive questions for the customers. Customers communicate with this tool while the chatbot interprets the words given to them and gives pre-set answers, hence conversion rates increase by up to 50% when customers switch from generic web forms to automated conversations with these chatbots.

Incorporating chatbots into your website increases conversion rate optimization by assisting serve your customers. It works by adding third-party chatbots to sites like Facebook, WeChat, and Telegram, making the conversation between you and the customer streamlined.

35% of customers would like more companies to use chatbots to answer their questions. The chatbot will come in handy in assisting your visitors in getting information about your products, answering their questions, and more.

There are several advantages of incorporating chatbots into your website. Some are:

Chatbots have easy integrations.

Using chatbot in your website ensures easy integration with third parties available on your website. Using our Shopify example, if you decide to integrate Shopify chatbot, a click and you can integrate a chatbot on your site that offers 24/7 support to your customers.

Chatbot provides readily available customer service support 24/7.

Chatbot advancements are making it not only an answering AI but also customer service and marketing agent. Answering repetitive questions about your business and building your marketing lists whenever your customers sign in with their email or Facebook profile. As the bot grows your list, you could create a marketing campaign.

But how do you build a really effective chatbot?

Chatbots became popular around 2016, so we’re talking about 4 years ago when our companies started incorporating chatbots in their marketing strategies. There are three effective points when building your bot.

Put Effort in Your Bot Design Process: Chatbot making process requires your dedicaton in order to be effective. Take your time to really distinguish what are your customer pain - points, what kind of question do you have to answer the most and what kind of details require the most explanations. Then try to make the responses of your bot as clear as possible, otherwise you're gonna end up with even more confusion on your customer journey.

Make the Flow Conversational: It is important to have a good conversational flow. So work on improving the copy of the bot to make it more casual and conversational, so that the customer can feel more open to interacting with the bot

Let the Data Drive Your Decision Making: If you really want to see what doesn’t work, what works or even what works better, then know your customers, track the data, analyze it, learn from it and then make a better and smarter decision in the future that is based on what the data showed.

02 Interactive calculators

An interactive calculator is a widget added to your website. It allows your visitors to make calculations straight on your website based on their personal inputs and lets you provide a fully customized customer experience.

The main advantage of incorporating Interactive calculators is to assist your visitors in making informed decisions. It enables them to shift from a shopping cart to checkout. And they dont require any programming skills to make - it’s all no code!

You can add a calculator widget to let your users count:

But that’s not all. Calculator widgets are great because they can also automate your work, collect potential leads, and increase customer engagement. While building your custom calculator you can add an order form to collect orders straight away. Lead form to collect sales leads and send calculation results to their email as well as let users covert straight away by including a payment button and letting them purchase the product or service without any holdbacks!

An interactive calculator case we are used to seeing is a mortgage calculator widget or a loan calculator. It's strange even if a financial service provider doesn't have one right? First the calculator let's the client evaluate their financial situation and capabilities and then if they decide to take a loan, they can fill a form to move forward with a financial consultant. But calculators can be used for so much more!

These tools can be of great use to any independent consultant or a freelancer, such as a photographer, copywriter or designer. Their service price depends on quite a few factors so having an instant price calculator on their website is a great way to automate work!

An interactive calculator tool can optimize a couple of fronts for your marketing and sales department. Since it is interactive and collects information left by customers, it provides you with insights to understand your customers, their pain points, and their motivators. It, in turn, helps you create interactive content or services that cater to these needs.

Create a price quote calculator for your website

03 Review Widget

A review widget is an add-on to your website that allows you to showcase your customer reviews. For instance, using our Shopify example, it is not easy for customers to physically touch the products, so they rely much on testimonials and reviews given by other customers.

A good review widget will help create a community sense and hype for your product by allowing your business to showcase all the best reviews in the most critical places.

A review widget helps increase the conversion rate because of its relevant and relatable content. Reviews help potential customers learn about all the advantages and quality of the products. Spiegel research center says that over 40% of buyers will not purchase from shoppers lacking customer reviews.

The customer’s voice is vital for conversion rate as it helps shoppers visualize the product from another person; this further drives the desire to purchase.

According to Spiegel Research center, displaying reviews will increase conversion by 270%. This is proof that adding a review widget to your website will increase your conversion rates. How do you add a review widget to your website?

Google has not yet provided an official review widget however you can use third parties like WordPress to add the google review plugin.

For Facebook review widget:

A review widget should be placed on your homepage, this is because most traffic lands on your homepage first. Ensure it is close to a call-to-button as customers will be more inclined to book when they see positive feedback. Lastly, make sure the review widget looks good on both desktop and mobile devices, its interface should work well on all devices.

04 Lead capture

This widget enables you to collect information about your prospects on your website to try and attempt to convert them to paying customers. When customers visit your site, they might be interested in buying but lack a means of letting you know.

Hence, having a widget designed for signing up, downloading an e-book, or adding their names to a newsletter list might help. The customer simply signs up, and you can capture the lead quickly.

The most commonly used lead capture mechanisms are; Website to lead, call to lead, email to lead, and social to lead. Each of these mechanisms employs the lead capture method to ensure conversion rate increases.

Lead capture is usually done through lead capture forms on:

How to create lead magnets?

Lead magnets are free items offered to customers to capture their contact information. A commonly used lead magnet is Free trials for subscriptions.

When you create leads, magnets ensure you have enough call to actions and add relevant popups whenever possible. You can use various tools, like Sumo and Optimonk for creating popups for your lead capture page.

Whenever you want to focus your conversion on a specific Call-to-action, you need to have a 1:1 attention ratio on your lead capture page.


Increasing conversion rate is embedded in growing interaction between you and your customers. When a customer feels heard and understood, converting them to paying customers is very easy. As you create interactive content and have high-quality products, it is imperative that you know your customers and solve their pain points, and you do this by consciously interacting with them. That is the importance of a widget add-on to your website.

✌ Thank you for reading :)

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