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Online Price Calculator Guide

What you need to know about online price calculator

This is a short guide to introduce you to price quote calculators, their use, benefits and the building process.

What is an online price calculator?

A price calculator is a simple widget letting customers count custom product or service pricing straight on your website. A website visitor fills in the details you need to know to estimate the custom price, and the tool provides instant calculation results. It’s a no-code tool, so building and adding the calculator does not require any coding knowledge.

Main components of a price quote calculator:

Result elements - helping you achieve more. Usually, one of the three.

Basic guide about price calculator wigets

What problems does a price quote calculator solve?

Have you ever found it disappointing when you can’t find a product or service cost without contacting a sales consultant? This takes precious time and sometimes even ends the customer journey.

And that applies to many business cases, its always better to show a price estimate than nothing. As a business owner, you waste time on prospects that have the wrong expectations, don’t have enough budget or, in general, get a consultation out of curiosity. That’s hours spent without selling to the true customer.

You can use the price quote calculator to:

  1. Make the order process easier
  2. Let customers get personalized pricing faster
  3. Improve price transparency

Additionally, using advanced elements a price calculator also can:

See online price calculator in action

Here you can see a price quote calculator in action. It is embedded on this page, and you can count the price of a custom wallpaper for your home.

Drag on the sliders to set the wall specs (personal information), and it will show you how many wallpaper rolls you need, as well as, what the total price is.

More price calculator use cases

Price quote calculators can be adapted to any business that has variable pricing. The best results show that replacing a long price list or a pricing table can improve your conversion rates up to 18%.

Photography price quote calculator

As you know, photography pricing depends on the photographer's hourly pricing, hours spent on a photoshoot, and the type of photoshoot. It can require special equipment, 2nd photographer and etc. This wedding price quote calculator lets customers fill in all the details and counts the price estimate for their wedding photography.

Price calculator examples: photography pricing

Interior design price quote

Interior design has a lot more variables when it comes to price quote estimation, but a calculator can easily take care of a bigger scope project pricing.

Price calculator examples: interior design price calculator

Flooring installation cost calculator

Home renovation is usually not an emotional decision. You look at many product or service suppliers, compare their pricing, recommendations and only then place an order. This calculator saves time in the decision making process and your consultant team. Customers come with the right expectations and are easier to sell to.

Price calculator examples: flooring cost calculator

Copywriter price quote calculator

Freelancer rates and pricing highly depends on the project or task that they're taking. This calculator can automate the whole order process by counting the article type, price per word and could also let customers place the order straight away.

Price calculator examples: copywriter price calculator

Business cards price calculator

Calculators can supplement any ecommerce product page by helping customers count the product traits and quantities, to tackle any doubts that could affect making the purchase.

Price calculator examples: business cards price calculator

How to create an online price calculator?

You can build your interactive price quote calculator in a few simple steps using the drag-and-drop editor. The process goes as follows:

  1. Identify the problem you want to solve
  2. Pick a price quote calculator template or start creating the calculator from scratch
  3. Drag and drop the elements you prefer to use
  4. Adjust the information according to your business
  5. Add the formula to enable price calculation
  6. Style the calculator to fit your website design
  7. Save your calculator
  8. Embed the calculator to your website and test if everything works as expected.

Find a detailed guide on how to create an instant quote calculator for your website with Calconic.


So now you know what are interactive price calculators and seen some examples how they can be used. If you want to create your price calculator but have any questions during the process you can always contact our support team at or check out our knowledge base for answers.

✌ Thank you for reading :)

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