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User Stories: Hannapy creating a concentration recommendation and dosage calculator for CBD oil

Interactive CBD dosage and product recommendation calculator

Challenge: Educate and help users in the buying process of CBD oil products.

Solution: CBD concentration and dosage calculator to guide users on what amount and concentration of cannabidiol should be used for their individual needs.

Result: Reduction of bounce rate by 10% and rise of the conversion rate of 1% since launching the live calculator.

Cannabidiol or CBD in short is growing increasingly popular, thanks to its many purported health benefits and non-psychoactive properties.

As research evolves and sheds light on CBD’s efficacy, relieving physical pain, whether chronic or punctual, conditions related to nerves, stress, anxiety, or sleep problems and even improving recovery after workouts more and more people are adding it to their daily wellness regimens.

BUT, No matter how fast the CBD industry is growing it is relatively new, and consumers still have a lot to learn about its benefits, different forms, and use. And it’s natural that with the huge interest companies have to tackle all the doubts, so focusing on consumer education in the field is a must.

Background and challenges

One of the main difficulties in terms of CBD sales is for the user to choose the right product for their needs. That happens because all CBD products are quite similar from the outside and the main difference lies in their composition and specific use.

CBD industry is growing fast, but we are still in an educational phase. If we don't give users the correct tools to choose and learn, we will be blocking our own opportunities to grow. It is not about just explaining what cannabidiol is, it is about enabling users to quickly choose, buy and try.

Fernando Beneitez. CEO at Hannapy

CBD oils don’t have a “correct” dose. The daily dose of CBD oil may vary from 5mg to 75mg (even more in some cases) depending on the range of factors such as your body weight, individual body chemistry, and the condition you’re treating whether it’s anxiety, depression, insomnia, poor appetite, or similar.

Hannapy is an educational medical cannabis and CBD store. It offers a CBD marketplace that has more than 200 different types of cannabis and CBD oil products, which makes it very probable to generate consumer paralysis during the buying process!

It’s amazing when you can offer such a variety for each customer’s needs, but making the choice easy and improving the customer buying process becomes a priority for the company to be able to achieve its goals.

Usually, what can be found in CBD dosage calculators are tables where the user has to find their best option. This is still difficult for an average user to understand. CBD brands must be able to make it as easy as possible to choose, and this goes through funneling options through an interactive widget.

Fernando Beneitez. CEO at Hannapy

Creating a CBD dosage calculator

The main challenge with the creation of a CBD dosage calculator is that there are different variables that decide the right amount of product to use for the individual, but over that, depending on physical factors of the user, there should also be a product recommendation to be able to finally give a dosage approach.

Our calculator has more than 200 variables, so we have defined a step by step strategy in which no valid variables are deleted to drive the user correctly through a result funnel

Fernando Beneitez. CEO at Hannapy

To be able to create a step-by-step calculator with different scenarios for each selection is important to create a formula flow from the beginning to the end.

After defining the mathematical solution, Hannapy created a similar look and feel blocks to be able to generate different choice options based on prior selection. Each block has conditional visibility function depending on the choice the user has made the step before. Behind a simple block, there can be up to 36 different options to show, but just one and the most suitable of them will be visible to the user.

CBD calculator by Hannapy

Hannapy CBD calculator lets you evaluate and pick the right CBD product. It recommends the CBD concentration needed and then shows the number of drops you should take during the day to get the effect you want. For example, if you want to use CBD oil for gentle relaxation, and your weight is less than 60kg the recommended amount for you would be 18mg/day consumed in 8 drops / 3 times in a day.

The long process behind the calculator is inversely proportional to the easy result for the users, as they can just choose little a couple of options to continue.

Calculators are a perfect way to personalize product offer and give an excellent interactive experience to the users

Fernando Beneitez. CEO at Hannapy

See the LIVE calculator here


The rise in the satisfaction of the users in terms of UX has been clear after the implementation of the CBD calculator.

We have already received some calls from brands listed in our marketplace thanking us for the effort of developing the tool. For us, clients are not only final consumers, we also want brands to list their products in Hannapy. Having this kind of personalization toolsets us as the professional vendor we want to be.

Fernando Beneitez. CEO at Hannapy

The bounce rate has decreased by 10% just after implementation. Hannapy also improved their conversion rate by 1%, obviously because of the improvement in user engagement, but also because of unblocking buyer paralysis and getting the main questions related to CBD dosage and product recommendation usually generated from an excessive amount of offers out of the way.


An interactive CBD calculator is a great tool to help customers during the buying process when they need to make the final decision on what quantity/size/concentration/capacity or type of product they need to buy. Use our CBD dosage calculator template, customize it according to your business case and improve your website user experience. Other quantity calculator examples: Tile quantity calculator, Vitamin D calculator, CO2 emission calculator.

Gintė @calconic: Hope you enjoyed Fernando's story. If you’d like to share your interactive calculator and become our next User story leave a comment below!

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