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Interactive calculators for E-shops

Interactive calculators for E-Shops

Moving online has been somewhere on the TO-DO list for many companies but the unexpected situation forced all of them to instantly raise it to first priority.

Suddenly everyone around us started creating e-shops and providing remote services so customers could get everything while being at home and those sales wouldn’t stop. Some pretty awesome innovations came up, some got more competition in their market but NOW a few months passed, and we cannot think of going back to grocery shopping to the actual stores!

A customer survey by PYNTS reports 52% of consumers who shifted to digital grocery shopping state they won’t go back to their old ways of shopping and the same applies to people who shop digital for other things. 60% are not planning to go back to physical stores.

So not having an e-commerce website might have a significant impact on your revenue or overall brand image. In some cases, it's strange if you search for a company and get to know they dont have an e-commerce website, right?

Key points for creating the best e-shop

So of course, you know there are plenty of good website builders to choose from. Even though it all sounds pretty simple, easy to set up, no programming knowledge, it’s important to highlight that not all e-shops are successful. It requires a brilliant user experience and user interface to compete in the nowadays market. Build your homepage, create your product or service catalog, tell ABOUT your brand, delivery, and provide contacts for communication with clients. But that’s not all there is to it.

To create a successful e-shop you have to pay attention to a few very important things:

Don't settle for average e-shop design

Using Shopify or Wix templates web design seems like an easy task that will get out of your way quickly. But you should really choose wisely. You want to stand out among your competitors and provide your users with the best functionality to make the user experience fast and smooth. So don’t choose the first template that seems pretty. Do thorough research. Look how the design looks on mobile, how the catalog is organized, and much more.

Here are a few nice examples for your inspiration - Shopify’s exceptional stores for entrepreneurs.

User Experience

Go through your e-shop and buying process as if you were the customer. From the landing page to the last checkout button. Does everything work in the most convenient way? How fast can you get a response from your support? How you handle orders? The payment? Page loading speed? Everything counts when it comes to converting or losing your prospect. If everything works well will you be able to handle your customer flow? So know every corner of your site and improve where possible.


Some say this is where the work only begins. You have to bring traffic to your e-shop! With lots of competition prepare a detailed social media strategy, optimize your SEO, and prepare for investment in paid advertising. You need to enter the market with a BANG, so everyone should hear about you. Yet if you’re in the market for quite some time you probably already know your best customer acquisition channels, so work on your brand awareness and make a fire in there!

App store for e-commerce websites

Tools you can find on Shopify app store or WIX app market are easy to add to your online store and can help you enhance your user experience a lot as well as take some work load off your hands. Especially if you’re starting out, the team is not as big to be able to answer a lot of customer inquiries at once, yet you need that brilliant customer support and a smooth order handling process for good recommendations. In that matter, there are plugins that will help you reply to customer inquiries faster, tools that help you manage the delivery process, encourage conversions, explain pricing, and much more. So don't overlook the power of tools.

New apps are created every day so you just have to add them to your perfect e-shop toolkit.

Interactive calculators for e-shops

One of the tools that doesn't come to mind when thinking about handling customer inquiries and effective checkout process is a web calculator builder. But there’s more to it than you can imagine. You’ll see for yourself in the upcoming examples.

An interactive calculator is one of the tools you can use in your online store to combine some of the most important features to the user together. Inform and answer questions like how much does it cost, how many should I buy and what is the value that I get in a fastest way possible. And you can embed it to any website no matter what website builder you're using.

5 best fit calculators for your e-commerce website

1. Pricing calculator

No one likes complicated and static pricing pages. If you already have an online store with custom products or custom pricing that are based on individual customer needs custom pricing calculator is a great solution for you. Filling a form and waiting for your consultation or reply by email can be the breaking point some of the customers dont have the time for.

Custom glasses pricing calculator

A pricing calculator just like the one in the example can be customized according to your website and products. Your visitor picks the features, sizing, or quantity and the calculator counts the price in seconds. What’s left is to just proceed to checkout. You cut the time spent thinking about how much your services could cost and boost the conversion rates without question! Read more about creating an effective pricing page here.

2. Quantity calculator

One of the most relevant types of calculators for many e-shops - a quantity or volume calculator. Also closely related to users’ checkout. When it comes to quantities related to an individual case and for example materials, it becomes quite complicated for your customer to count on their own. Counting how many bricks, tiles, boards, paint or dosage they need becomes harder and harder depending on the type, the area size, corners and other specific details. So with this calculator, you eliminate the task that might postpone the purchase from your store. As a material supplier, you know how to count the quantities accurately, but just in case there might be a small inaccuracy show a “possible wastage”.

Tiles Quantity calculator

Using this Tile quantity calculator you can count how many exact tiles the customer needs and only needs to put the right number into their cart. If you own a Shopify store you can build such a calculator with a Calculator builder app from Shopify app store.

3. Savings calculator

With a savings calculator let your customer count the discount depending on the quantity needed, the amount they can save using your service, a special offer, or product. It can also help your prospects choose the right plan according to certain proportions depending on the product range. If you own an e-commerce website for services learn how web calculator can help you sell better.

Membership savings calculator

Also, dont forget that sometimes, calculators can help you convey the value you bring to your customer better. Not all people care about the same things. If they think you provide just a simple service, let’s say grass moving, show the value of your service in time metrics. By purchasing your service and depending on the size of the lawn you can save them lets say 6 hours a month. 6 hours of valuable, expensive time for family, work and etc. If you're using WIX website builder you can also create and add a e-shop calculator to your store from WIX app market.

4. Interactive calculators as a Checkout integration

When anyone mentions an interactive calculator you probably wouldn’t think that it can do more than just calculations. Calconic interactive calculators can integrate the results (quantity, price and etc.) calculated straight to your Shopify's store shopping cart.

Custom print posters

Here the users make the custom order right on the product page and the calculator does everything else. Prospect chooses the product details and the add to cart button. The final result will appear in the user’s cart.

Shopify store shopping cart

5. Interactive calculators to inform the user

With Calconic calculator builder, you can also customize a calculator that can serve as a lead generator in your home or any other page of your e-shop. After creating elements counting price and quantity add and informative calculator about the product details, how long it lasts and educate your users.

Quantity calculator V-Dog

This simple quantity calculator for V-dog food is an excellent example when the last thing stopping a customer from buying is the uncertainty of the quantity needed. Here they can count how long the chosen food will last and decide how much to order from the e-shop! Brilliant!

Benefits for your online store

Makes your brand stand out in the market Provide the best user experience on your site and watch your website users choose you. E-shops are loved for saving time - from driving to the physical store, walking, searching for the best fit product to relaxing at home, and getting all you need in a few clicks. It also ads interactivity to your online store which will make users stay for longer. With interactive calculators, you are the fastest to answer the most important questions, adapt the answers to individual cases and make users convert! Available with all major website builders.

Optimizes your workflow You don't need to be interrupted by constant consultations throughout your week. Product prices, quantity, and benefits of your product can be explained with a calculator. And later on you dont need to make monitor it everyday. Check the performance once a month and be happy with the results. You can then focus on other important tasks and product or service improvements.

Combines with other sales and marketing tools Thanks to Zapier integration, your pricing calculator can transfer your leads directly to SalesForce, HubSpot or any other existing CRM system you use. This way, you can keep all your car loving prospects and inquiries in one place!

Boost conversions As I mentioned before interactive calculators are not only for counting. With these interactive tools, you’ll be able to build loyalty, educate and engage your customers about what is the best type of product/service according to their needs, show your values and recreate the in-person sales experience to leave no questions left to make up their decision.


Moving online is what our users expect. An easy, fast, smooth experience online that brings the best services and products to their home.

To help you meet the expectations website builder and various tools solutions came to life. What’s left is to create your e-shop and ensure it works without any interruptions.

Interactive calculators are one of the best tools directly related to great customer experience. It gives you the opportunity to create a personalized experience on-site. So let website visitors calculate custom pricing, quantities, savings discounts, and much more so there are no questions left before they proceed to checkout.

Watch your conversion rates go up!

I hope you found this useful and if you may have any more questions regarding building a calculator contact us via email at

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