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Customizing a Formula field

The formula field is one of the most commonly used elements. Using the Formula field, you can create formulas which use results from previous user choices and show the result of their choices to the user. You can also use the results from other formulas to make a separate formula.

  1. In the Element Label input field you can name your element.
  2. The Show Label slider controls whether the title will be shown or hidden.
  3. The Display Result slider controls whether the result of the formula will be shown or hidden.
  4. The Decimal places slider lets you choose how many numbers can be seen after the decimal point for a more accurate result.
  5. In the Formula editor input field is the basic formula editor. In here, you can write the formula using the available results from previous user choices. The Available elements show which elements can be used for the formula. The Math functions & actions show which math functions and actions are available for using in the formula.
  6. In the Prefix input field you can write what you want to be writen before the result.
  7. In the Postfix input field you can write what you want to be writen after result.

NOTE: You can also click on the OPEN RICH TEXT EDITOR button to open the rich formula editor. You can see how to use it by checking out “Working with conditional formulas (IF)" in the knowledge base.