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Customizing a Numeric Input element

The Numeric Input is the most common input field and is used to obtain a numeric value from calculator users. Values entered to this input field are used directly in calculations. You can add this input field by clicking on the plus icon (+) and selecting Numeric Input Field from the list.

Customizing a Numeric Input Field

  1. The Element Label input field lets you name your element. The toggle controls whether the label is visible or hidden.
  2. The Element Tooltip is a text field that lets you give more context to each element or explain what information you require to input. Once enabled, it will appear as a small info icon next to the element title.
  3. The Show Increment/Decrement Buttons toggle allows you to add an increment/decrement button to the input field so that users can use buttons instead of typing numbers in manually.
  4. The Min and Max fields let you decide the range of allowed input values. The range has to have a clear beginning and end, meaning that Min and Max values cannot be blank/null. If the end-user enters a value that is not within the specified range, it will automatically change to the nearest allowed value.
  5. The Default Value input field allows you to specify the value which will be used in the element by default when the calculator loads. The Default Value cannot be blank/null.
  6. The Decimal Places slider controls how many numbers can be entered after the decimal point.
  7. The Prefix input field lets you decide what you want to be written before the numeric input field.
  8. The Postfix input field lets you decide what you want to be written after the numeric input field.
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