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Customizing a Numeric Input Field

The numeric input field is used for getting a numeric input from the user and it is the most frequently used input field. It is usefull if you need the users specific input for formulas or other results. It allows to get a numeric value from the user. Values entered to this input field are directly used in calculations.You can add this input field by clicking on the plus icon (➕) and selecting the Numeric Input Field from the list.

  1. In the Element Label input field you can name your element.
  2. The Show Label slider controls whether the title will be shown or hidden.
  3. In the Min and Max input fields you can decide the range of your minimum and maximum values. If the minimum value is 0, then if the user writes down -5, the value will be displayed as 0. The same goes for the maximum value. If the maximum value is 50 and the user wrties down 60 it will be displayed as 50.
  4. In the Default value input field you can change what number will be displayed by default in the numeric input field.
  5. The Decimal places slider controls how many numbers will be allowed to enter after the decimal point.
  6. In the Prefix input field you can write what you want to be writen before the numeric input field.
  7. In the Postfix input field you can write what you want to be writen after the numeric input field.