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Customizing a Radio Box element

Using Radio Box allows you to create a list of predefined selectable options. Users will then have the opportunity to select one of these options. The Radio Box can make use of the formulas you’ve included in your calculator with predefined values for each selected option. Different radio button options are all shown at once and are visible to the user.

Customizing Radio Buttons

  1. You can name the element by using the Element Label input field. The toggle controls whether the label is visible or hidden.
  2. The Element Tooltip is a text field that lets you give more context to each element or explain what information you require to input. Once enabled, it will appear as a small info icon next to the element title.
  3. The Options direction field lets you set up your radio buttons to be displayed vertically or horizontally.
  4. The Default Selected Option field lets you to choose which option will be selected by default.
  5. The Use Image toggle allows you to use images as your options. Find a guide here 🔎.
  6. To add a new option to the list, click the Add Option button under the List of Options title.
  7. Click the option to expand its settings; which include:

    • Changing the Options Label – the text that will be displayed to your calculator users.
    • Assigning the Option Value that will be sent to the formula if users choose that particular option.
    • You can change the Order of the options you added to your radio box by clicking on the arrows on the right side of each option.
    • Deleting an option by clicking the Delete Option button.
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