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Customizing Radio Buttons

Using a Radio Button you can create a list of predefined selectable options. The user can choose only one of these options. The Radio Button can provide any of the formulas with the predefined value of selected option. The Radio button options are all shown at once and can be seen by the user.

  1. In the Element Label input field you can name your element.
  2. The Show Label slider controls whether the title will be shown or hidden.
  3. In the Default selected option field you can choose which option will be displayed by default.
  4. In the List of options click on the ADD OPTION button.
  5. In the drop down Option menu you can name your option in the Option label field.
  6. In the same drop down Option menu you can asign a numeric value to the chosen option in the Option value field.
  7. In the same drop down Option menu you can click on the DELETE OPTION button to the delete the created option.