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Customizing Slider

Using the Slider element, you can create a slider with a predefined range of numbers. The user can use the slider to choose a number within the given range in the way you want. You can also choose whether the user can select the number in certain steps.

  1. In the Element Label input field you can name your element.
  2. The Show Label slider controls whether the title will be shown or hidden.
  3. In the Min and Max fields you have to define the range of numbers available for the user to choose from. If you choose the minimum number to be 0 and the maximum number to be 20, the user can choose between those numbers in the given steps, which you will define later on.
  4. In the Default value input field you can write what number on the slider will be selected by default.
  5. The Decimal places slider controls how many numbers will be allowed to enter after the decimal point.
  6. In the Slider scale input field, you can write which numbers will be displayed under the slider. The way the numbers should be written are: from the lowest number to the highest one, dividing them by commas. The numbers should be between the minimum and maximum numbers chosen before.
  7. The Jump between scale points slider controls how the user can choose the numbers. This slider is off by default and in the Steps input field you can write the size of the steps in which the user can use the main slider. If you choose the Step size to be 5, the slider will move accordingly in the given number range.
  8. Turning on the Jump between scale points slider will make it so that the user will be able to use the main slider with the numbers you have written in the Slider scale input field. If you chose the Slider scale numbers to be 5, 10, 20 and 50, the user will only be able to choose between these numbers.
  9. In the Prefix input field you can write what you want to be written before the Slider.
  10. In the Postfix input field you can write what you want to be written after the Slider.