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Customizing a Text Gauge element

A Text Gauge is a helpful tool that lets you put the results of a given calculation into words. The text gauge tool uses the value of any of your calculator’s formula fields (or value of any other input field) and shows a text and a description of it that fits to the right segment.

Customizing the Text Gauge tool

  1. You can name your element by using the Element Label input field. The toggle controls whether the label is visible or hidden.
  2. The Element Tooltip is a text field that lets you give more context to each element or explain what information you require to input. Once enabled, it will appear as a small info icon next to the element title.
  3. The Value Source drop-down menu lets you choose which result from the previous formulas you want to use for the text gauge.
  4. Click on the + Add Segment button to add a custom segment. There will be three segments created by default that you can either fully customize or delete. There is no set limit to the number of segments you can add to your text gauge.

    • The Segment Label input field lets you name your segment. It is the main text of the segment that will be shown if the value of the assigned formula (or any other input field) ends up falling within the segment range.
    • The Description input field lets you write a description of the segment that will appear under the segment label.
    • The Segment Start input field lets you decide where the segment starts and the Segment End lets you set where the segment ends. The segments should not overlap because the result may not be shown correctly. If the result overlaps with a previous segment the previous segment will have priority. For example, if the first segment is from 0 to 60 and the second one is from 30 to 90, and the result used is 40 the first segment will be shown because of how the segments overlap.
    • The Segment Color input field lets you choose the color of the segment label by typing in the color code or clicking on the colored square near the input field and choosing it with the color selector. This will only change the color of the Segment label and not the Description.
    • To remove a segment, simply click on the Remove button.
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