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Customizing a Text Input element

The Text Input allows site visitors to enter a text. It then provides a formula with the amount of symbols or words added to this field.

To add a Text Input Field to your calculator, click the Add New Element button (the plus icon at the left-top corner of the Calconic Editor) and choose the Text Input Field element.

Customizing a Text Input Field

  1. You can name your element using the Element Label input field. The toggle controls whether the label is visible or hidden.
  2. The Element Tooltip is a text field that lets you give more context to each element or explain what information you require to input. Once enabled, it will appear as a small info icon next to the element title.
  3. The Placeholder text input field lets you choose what the user will see in the text input field before filling it out.
  4. The Input Type lets you decide whether you want a short answer to your question or to provide a bigger text area and ask the user to give more information.
  5. The Count By option can choose what should be counted: characters or words.
  6. The Word/Character Limit input field let you decide on the maximum number of characters or words allowed in the text input field.
  7. By switching the Hide Word/Character Count to the ON position you can hide the number that is shown under the text input field on your calculator.
  8. The Prefix input field lets you add what you want to be written before the text input field.
  9. The Postfix input field lets you add what you want to be written after the numeric input field.
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