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Dividing a Calculator Into Steps (Multi-steps)

The Multi-steps feature allows you to create a survey-like calculator by placing specific elements into different steps (or pages).

Check out this feature is action here 🔎.

Multi-steps can be added to a calculator via the Add New Element dropdown menu.

Customizing a Multi-step element

  1. The Progress bar options allow you to choose how the steps progress will be shown visually - none, line, dots or text.
  2. The Transition animation options determine the animation effect when switching from one step to another.
  3. To add a new step to the element, click the + Add step button under the Step list title.
  4. Click the step to expand its settings; which include:

How to add an element into a specific step?

Each element, such as Input Fields or Formulas, has to be moved to the step separately. That can be done via a separate setting accessible via a ‘Move element’ icon at the top.

In order to place the element in to a group/step, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the element you wish to add.
  2. Click on ‘Move element’
  3. Click on the place where you want the element to be moved. You can choose a specific group or a specific step in the multi-steps element.
  4. Checkmark icon will indicate that the element was moved to the desired place successfully.

For more information and tips about this process, check out this article 🔎.

Styling the Multi-steps

You can customize the Multi-steps element background as well as adjust the padding.

Navigation button customization is available in the Custom settings of the element. Progress bar can also be customized via the Custom settings.


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