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What impressions are and how they work?

Calculator’s impressions are counted each time your calculator is loaded on a shareable link, on your website or anywhere else where it is embedded (one calculator can be embedded to multiple websites). Each time the calculator is fetched, it is counted as one impression.

All our plans have a set limit in terms of the number of calculator impressions allowed per account:

What happens when you run out of impressions?

Once you run out of the impressions, your embedded calculators will appear as an icon on your website. Clicked on the icon your visitors will be redirected to your calculator’s sharable link with the Calconic_ logo on it. And if you use the lightbox embeding, the link will lead to the calculator’s sharable link as well, instead of opening the lighbox with your calculator on it.

An example of calculator's thumbnail

Don’t worry, you won’t miss that moment. We'll notify you by the email associated with your Calconic account when you reach the limit of your impressions or when you have used 75% of your available impressions and will potentially reach the limit before the next impression cycle begins.

What can I do?

Your calculators will automatically revert back to their original state at the beginning of your next 30-day cycle. As well, you can upgrade your plan to increase the number of monthly calculator impressions and revert your calculators back to their original state on your website instantly.

Where can you find statistic of your impressions?

  1. Log in to your CALCONIC account.
  2. Click My Calculators on the left side menu.
  3. Bellow the My Calculators title you’ll find the total amount of all your calculators’ impressions used on your current 30-day cycle. Monthly summary of impressions
  4. On the list of your calculators, next to the title of any calculator you’ll find the number showing many times that certain calculator has been fetched on the same 30-day cycle. By hovering your mouse over the number of impressions you can also see when the next impression period starts. Impressions of one particular calculator

NOTE: Impressions' statistics data is updated every 24 hours (about 10:00am UTC/GMT+00:00).

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