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Custom package calculator for an Australian-based local brew company

Calculator inspo - Eight Stacks Brewing Co.

Eight Stacks Brewing Co. is an Australian-based local brew company.

Eight Stacks Brewing Co. is an Australian-based local brew company. It provides supplies for homebrew: fresh wort kits, dry hop packs, and yeasts. A large variety of products ensures beer lovers‘ joy of discovery and satisfaction. The wide choice certainly is attractive to potential buyers, their free to order custom quantities and experiment as much as they like, while looking to create that perfect recipe. However, when it comes to personalized packages with multiple-choice, things may get complicated regarding the ordering process.

The challenge: easy customization and pricing

Digging deeper, the order process online is even more complicated. Looking at the variety of goods and choosing is hard enough, but if you want to change something in your cart, count the prices and quantities it becomes a mess of switching between the tabs. So how to eliminate this unnecessary hasle? It was the question for Eight Stacks Brewing Co. when handling a certain group of products: hops. Although the company offers special hop varieties for particular beer styles (like Pale Ale or Session IPA), one can also choose the hop by request. The Base Beer Hop Pack includes ten hop varieties—each of them having diverse characteristics and suitable for different worts. Allowing trying out and discovering a new taste, they should interest beer fans.

Usually, a personalized package has the risk of complicating the buying process. The user has to go through different goods separately. Moreover, it gets difficult for the customer to calculate the price when selection is custom. So it is crucial to ensure a convenient way to organize the process.

And what might help here? For example, a system that would allow the user to stay on the same page, conveniently choose the desired amount of preferred hops, and handily see the selection price.

Custom package pricing calculator on the product page

Here, the help for the personalized package is a price quote calculator. Base Beer Hop Pack allows the customer to choose from ten different hop varieties. And the user can choose quantity effortlessly—just sliding the ruler (it indicates the grams). There's one slider for each product—ten in total. The calculator counts the total weight and price automatically with each sliding.

Package price calculator for brewing company

See this custom package price calculator in action!

Seeing the total grams and cost above gives double convenience. First, one doesn‘t need to track how many grams (s)he‘s already added to the cartؓ—the tool tracks the information. So the customer simply knows whether it‘s sufficient quantity or not. Second, the user instantly sees the price of the selected hops. (It‘s important not to splurge, right? 😉). After selection, the last step is to add the selected quantity to the shopping cart. Moreover, it‘s easier for the user not to get confused between the varieties as they are on the same page. And it helps not to miss something!

The wrap-up

The price quote calculator makes it easy to go through the selection process. Instead of separating each hop variety as a different product, the Base Beer Hop Pack contains ten kinds put together. So the customer avoids an inconvenient and time-consuming switching between tabs for various products. The installed calculator guides the user while tracking the total grams and cost of the selected amounts. And the chosen format of sliding the rule is interactive and more fun than entering the number or picking an option.

Custom product or service packages are a common business model, as many industries need the flexibility to meet the customers expectations and needs. Imagine a building service contractor, wedding specialist, freelancer, web designer and many others. Every project is different and requires a quote. So interactive calculator can automate the process and save time working with a pool of customers.

Are you curious about how a calculator can improve your business? Take a closer look at different types of calculators and how to use them here!

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