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Daily Feeding Portion Calculator: Taking Care of Your Pet the Right Way

Calculator inspo - Mrs. Meadys

Mrs. Meadys provides human-grade, grain-free raw meals for dogs and cats. “A healthy pet is a happy pet“: the company declares pet health as a core value of their business.

Mrs. Meadys also pays attention to ethics, locality, and sustainability, and that’s an unusual case in the pet food industry.Still, just like raw food for humans, the company’s production also has its skeptics or, at least, inexperienced in raw nutrition. Mrs. Meadys’ exclusiveness in the category is followed by a lot of questions and doubts which raise in pet owners’ heads.

Setting my pet's diet by myself?!

Raw food for pets is a niche product, which means more skepticism. Also, it challenges the established habits of eating (for a pet) and buying/preparation (for a pet owner). “Why should I change pet‘s habits?” one may ask. “Wouldn’t it be stressful for my pet?”. "How to introduce a new food into their diet?" — such and way more different questions attack a human that cares about his/her pet. Besides these questions, no less relevant is: “What size portion of raw food would satisfy my pet?” And it’s a natural question when dealing with an uncommon choice of feeding.

Honestly, an unusual product may raise some mistrust, so it’s trickier to make people interested in production or subscribed to newsletters.

So, something really useful and engaging helps in this situation. A tool that gives some valuable information for the visitor so that (s)he trusts the brand.

The simple yet powerful pet's feeding calculator

Mrs. Meadys chose an engaging calculator as a solution. The Daily Feeding Portion Calculator shows how much food your pet needs daily. The link to the calculator is on the landing page, next to the button linking to the e-shop. So, before choosing the meals, the company invites the customer to take a careful and necessary step: to calculate your pet’s food needs. Daily Feeding Portion Calculator includes six factors that determine the portion size, and most of them require just choosing an option:


See this pet feeding calculator in action!

After selection, the calculator asks to enter the email, and the answer is sent there. Mrs. Meadys gets contact information in exchange for the useful information provided. The customer sees what daily portion is proper for one’s pet and can be sure that his/her dog or cat won’t starve or overeat.

The wrap-up

Mrs. Meadys takes care not only of providing healthy food but also of educating pet owners. Every visitor of the website can use this valuable tool even if they don‘t think of buying raw food. Custom interactive calculators can also be used for human diet assesment. Counting water intake, vitamin needs, nutrition, calories and similar. To test out a custom calculator create a Calconic account and create a calculator for your website using a free plan.

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