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Symmons Evolution using price quote calculator for customizable packages

Calculator inspo - Symmons systems

Symmons Industries is a Massachusetts-based company manufacturing premium commercial and residential plumbing products.

They produce a variety of durable, reliable, and beautifully designed products, have their design studio for custom orders and have recently launched a water management system Symmons Evolution. The solution monitors a property's water systems and sends the relevant staff instant alerts when water issues occur. Symmons Evolution offers a highly personalized choice of the system. However, this advantage also acts as a drawback when it comes to pricing.

The challenge of custom pricing

The price of the solution depends on an individual case. The water management system automatically includes a sensor, but a user can also add a different amount of additional components, and each of them defines the final cost. Therefore, if every variation is listed, the price list would be endless and complicated. And in the opposite case, the specified price would be too vague. Still, it's clear that people somehow have to know how much does the product cost. The solution could be a simple and precise tool for a personalized result. It should respond to each change of components and be easy to use (and understand!).

Let‘s calculate it easy!

Symmons Evolution dealt with this issue by introducing a price quote calculator. It shows the exact price of a customized essential package. How does it work? Well, the tool is super simple: a user has to choose the right amount of each extra component by sliding the rule. If the customer doesn't want to include any extras (slides each of them to "0"), the price quote calculator shows the price of basic service. It involves temperature monitoring, leak detection, 24/7 support, and real-time notifications.

Monthly price quote calculator See this custom package price calculator in action!

For more safety, a customer is free to choose from four additional components that would be monitored as well:

All one needs is knowing how many of each component is in the mechanical room. The available amount for each extra is from 1 to 10. So, the customer can easily calculate the monthly cost according to one's needs and see how does the price change according to every adjustment.

The wrap-up

The Essential Package Calculator is beneficial for both sides—the customer and the company. The customer gets an engaging opportunity to know the monthly cost quickly. Also, (s)he can evaluate what choice of additional components individually suits their needs when seeing the instant price changes. Meanwhile, the company can offer great flexibility for the customers: instead of some prepared packages (which would have fixed options and prices), the service package is customized individually. And the customer is more motivated to try the tailored service. Similarly, a pricing calculator can be used in any service that offers some additions for an extra price. For example photography pricing, mobile and internet services, hotels and home renovation, SPA, and so on. Maybe your business also needs some help with convenient calculations?

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