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Interactive Calculators can Take Customer Interaction to the Next Level

Interactive calculators for your website 2023

Attracting the target audience is not the only thing that online business owners need to think about. Retaining their attention is tougher as there is an enormous amount of information present on the internet, and people can access it easily. So, there is a chance that people may lose interest in your site eventually and move on.

So, how do we achieve that goal? The answer is simple – create interactive content. The work of marketing changes at a rapid rate, and marketers are brainstorming every day to find out new ideas to make content interactive.

These days, people don’t like to read eBooks, papers, or any form of static content. They need something that is engaging, easy to consume and is shown to them based on their personal preferences. One of the best ways to deliver such engaging content to your audience is to use interactive calculators. By using interactive calculators, you can keep your users engaged in your website and provide even more useful and relevant information. Plus, you get to know and understand the preferences of your audience, which allows you to make changes according to them.

What are Interactive Calculators?

Interactive calculators are web tools where buyers can insert data into a form. Using the data provided, a custom algorithm can calculate an answer and deliver it instantly to the buyers. This will save them a lot of time as they don’t have to scroll through an entire website to find the information they need.

When doing tasks like buying a house, creating a budget, etc., people need to make a decision. For this, they may rely on other companies that will give them a quick answer and make their life a whole lot easier.

By interacting with your website, potential customers may think of your brand as an expert in this subject. This will motivate them to take a look at the other solutions and services you offer, and they may become business clients.

How to Make an Interactive Calculator

There are some things you keep in mind when you are offering an interactive calculator to your customers.

Make sure that the dialogues and the form are appropriate for the audience. The calculator should explore the problems of your customers and ensure that they provide valuable information.

The content present in that calculator should be light, responsive, and simple. If a viewer sees any complex elements, he/she may run away.

Business Cases where Interactive Calculators Can Be Used

Interactive calculators can be used in different ways. Based on the reason why you are using an interactive calculator, the algorithms, the fields, and the dialogues will be different.

So, here are some ways in which you can use an interactive calculator.

✔ Price Quotation

Interactive calculators are widely used in this field. You can use it to calculate the value of a custom product or the prices of a service based on a few factors.

Interactive price quote calculator

Say you have a website where people can hire you as a photographer. To calculate the price of your service, you can insert a few fields, like coverage hours, engagement sessions, second-day shoot, etc. A customer will enter a value in these fields, and the total will be shown automatically.

You can do the same if you have a website for services like interior designing.

✔ Lead Generation

A potential customer may visit your website, and you can convert him/her into a lead using interactive calculators. You can let them count their personalized estimates. Then you can book a meeting with them or add an order form so that you can send the final quote later.

Home renovation cost estimate

For example, you can use a home renovation cost calculator. You can insert fields like which room does the customer want to renovate, what is the area of the room, etc. Then, you can calculate the price accordingly. You can design interactive calculators for budget calculation as well. More construction calculators.

✔ Improving User Experience

People visit some websites to gain technical knowledge about quantities, dosage, product recommendations, and more. They would love a user interface where they could just enter a few values, and the website will automatically show them the necessary solutions. This will save them a lot of time as they don’t have to scroll through the site for answers or contact support or go to a consultation.

CBD dosage calculator

You can use calculators to improve the UI of websites like CBD dosage calculator, tile quantity calculator, etc.

✔ Increase Engagement (and Educate Your Viewers)

If you look at Buzzfeed, they have tons of quizzes, surveys, etc., which allows you to find a relevant topic. Then they ask you some questions, you answer them, and then they give you personalized answers.

Interactive calculator to increase engagement

They have lots of engaging content, and about 96 percent of users finish the quizzes present on that site. They engage the users in their content and make them try out their other quizzes—no wonder why this site is so popular.

These kinds of interactive calculators not only engage people but educate them as well.

For example, you can use a daily commute CO2 emission calculator where you insert values in fields like distance from home to work, transport type, etc. Then it will count your annual carbon footprint, which will help you understand your personal impact on the planet.

✔ Grow Your Business Subscribers List

On some websites, people subscribe to get updated about further posts. Instead of just suggesting your viewers to subscribe and wait for them to do so, you can give them an incentive and personalized information for subscribing to a business newsletter.

Interactive calculator with mail results function

For example, you can use an interactive weight loss calculator. It will help users to find out how long it will take them to achieve their dream weight. Then, you can tell them to enter their email address so that you can share results and further plans.

Where to Find the Right Interactive Calculator

Do you need to surf the vast internet to find the right calculator for your website? Or do you need to write hundreds of lines of code to make a calculator? The answer is - none of them.

Now, you can create your own customized interactive calculator without writing a single line of code. You can do that using Calconic.

Calconic has lots of pre-made templates for various interactive calculators that you can use. In fact, you can make changes to suit your style. Can’t find the template you are looking for? No need to worry. You can create your own calculator from scratch and launch it on your website in less than an hour! The calculators are very simple to install and are optimized to look good on any device.

You can create calculators to generate leads, accept payments, provide information, keep your visitors engaged and collect an order. The formula editor has a very beginner-friendly UI, making it easier for you to write complex mathematical formulas. You can even show and hide fields based on specific conditions.

With so many customization options right at your fingertips, build the perfect calculator for your website and watch the graphs rise in Google Analytics.

You can visit their website, where they post blogs that may help you in improving your business.


Attracting your target audience and keeping them on your website can be a difficult task. To overcome this challenge, you need to make your content interactive. For that, you can use an interactive calculator. If you cannot find the right calculator for your website, you can always create one using Calconic.

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