Construction calculators

Our construction calculators can help you estimate the materials needed, costs, and other important metrics for many construction, refurbishment, and home renovation projects. They can also be added to your business website to help customers count the essential metrics related to construction orders.

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How construction calculators work

In short, construction calculators help to make complex calculations easy for your customers and your employees.

For any construction project whether it’s home renovation, floor installation, window replacement, or garden planning you have to count how many materials you need to buy based on the area, heights, widths, square footage, or other metrics. You or your customers also want to know the cost estimates and, preferably, how fast the project can be implemented.

These construction calculators make instant calculations straight on your website. Your website visitors inputs their project metrics, or measurements, and the calculator instantly counts the answer. Based on that, your customers can order the RIGHT quantity of tiles, paint, and wood without any consultation.

It saves time for both you and your prospects. But that’s not all. Online calculators can also collect leads, payments, and order forms and send calculation results to your customers' email, so it’s not only a tool that improves your user experience, but can also help you convert more, generate more leads, and improve your overall sales process.

Construction calculator tools fully adapt to your business needs and also have endless design options to make your product or order pages more effective. As such, they are extremely versatile. No matter what CMS your website is built on, the calculator form will suit everyone! It is also fully compatible with all modern browsers and is fully responsive to any desktop, tablet, or mobile device

Reasons to add a construction calculator to your website

How to create and embed a construction calculator to your website?