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User Stories: After Car Accidents helping people deal with difficult insurance claims

After Car Accidents interactive calculator

Challenge: How to help people understand how the accident claims process works and how they can maximize their chances of getting a fair settlement?

Solution: Interactive personal injury calculator which lets you see what your settlement is potentially worth and a website explaining all the process.

Result: Over 200 uses in the first few weeks since launching and average bounce rate decreasing by 17.8% with more people staying on the site longer.

When it comes to insurance it seems everyone has it. But why is it in so many cases people dont know what to do after an accident happens?

No one’s prepared. It’s supposed to protect you in times of trouble but when the stressful situation hits, things get confusing and overwhelming regarding all the process.

Today we’re talking about car insurance. After a car accident, still, with a racing heart, people have to deal with the police, talk to insurance companies, worry about paying for all the damages, and so on. And a common thing to do is look for someone to consult with before actually making the insurance claim as one simple mistake can end up costing you thousands of dollars!

Background and challenges

So it seems, having insurance doesn’t mean you are free from worries. No one is guiding you through the process and there isn’t a source with all the necessary information in one place.

And that’s the background story of After Car Accidents. After personal experience and noticing how many people fail to claim money from their insurance company these guys created a website to help people with their car accident insurance claims and personal injury settlements.

We help people understand how the accident claims process works and how they can maximize their chances of getting a fair settlement..

Asif Shaikh, Founder, After Car Accidents

When it comes to personal injury settlements the number 1 question people have is “How much is my injury settlement worth?” However, the answer to this question involves several variables and a typical estimation wouldn’t be as accurate.

After Car Accidents wanted to provide a simple way for people to understand how to get money from your insurance company, not make mistakes through your claim and what would be a fair settlement.

Interactive calculator - a DIY solution for any website!

After Car Accidents created a page with all the information regarding insurance claims explained. Additionally, they decided to create a personal injury calculator!

The purpose of the calculator is to educate car accident victims. We want people to quickly get a sense of what their claim is worth. After that, if people want to dig into more specific details and increase their chances of getting the settlement amount, they can get a free estimate with a lawyer and explore further.

Asif Shaikh, Founder, After Car Accidents

Hiring a programmer to create such a calculator seemed like a reasonable thing to do. Unfortunately, this solution took more time and money than expected. And even when a small change is required you have to rely on your programmer and pay more for their time.

Luckily, After Car Accidents found a better alternative and recreated their calculator with Calconic making it a simple and cheaper DIY solution for them.

I chose Calconic because I was able to set up my calculator in a half hour. Once I went through the tutorials it was pretty simple. There were a lot of good examples and templates so I just copied one and customized it.

Asif Shaikh, Founder, After Car Accidents

Their personal injury calculator now lets you quickly see what settlement is potentially worth. It includes all the variables that are used to calculate the settlement by the insurance company and later on explained in detail so you would be confident while making the claim.

Each case is unique so usually, it’s really difficult to give an exact settlement amount, that’s why instead of an inaccurate number the personal injury calculator provides readers with a minimum and maximum settlement range. This way they can baseline of what their claim is potentially worth.


Since launching the calculator After Car Accidents got great results increasing their website traffic and lowering their bounce rates!

So far we’ve had over 200 people use it. Our average bounce rate has decreased by 17.8% which means more people are staying on our site.

Asif Shaikh, Founder, After Car Accidents


The interactive calculator can be a brilliant solution not only as a tool to count but as a way to quickly advise people in trouble.

Using Calconic you can create your custom web calculator without any programming knowledge. As it shows it’s a cheaper and more efficient solution suitable for any website.

Don’t forget that interactive calculators can also be a great way to not only engage and educate your visitors but also to generate more leads, explain your pricing, grow subscribers, and much more.

Gintė @calconic: I hope you liked Asif's story. Please, leave a comment below if you want to showcase your calculator and story! Stay Safe!

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