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User Stories: Agent Z marketing agency using a calculator for user education

Agent Z Marketing interactive calculator

Challenge: How to educate private service providers about their marketing budget?

Solution: Using a web calculator to help visitors count how much they should be spending on their marketing efforts.

Result: “An an eye-opening user experience” raising trust in the brand and its service.

While it seems everyone is focusing on digital ways to reach their audience, one shall not forget about the older marketing tactics.

After all, it depends on your industry and your target audience. Maybe your true client doesnt spend his time on websites full of ads and hates the constant spam, but treasures the real mail?

This post is about a marketing company that is not all about digital. They found their niche in direct marketing efforts and it works amazing!

Background and challenges

Agent Z Marketing provides customized, easy-to-use marketing tools that help promote, grow and sustain businesses with personalized postcard mailing packages. While everyone is focusing on digital ways to reach their audience, sending a physical postcard can now make you stand out from the crowd! And that’s “Agent Z Marketing” agency’s way of reaching people!

With modern, fresh, and eye-catching design, these postcards help businesses reach new customers effectively and affordably.

The challenge is that even though it’s affordable and highly effective many people find it hard to plan and distribute their marketing budget. Personal service providers and restaurant owners are solely relying on word of mouth and good referrals to fuel their business, so they are not sure how much budget they can dedicate to their marketing activities and what will be the return. Is it worth it?

Some service providers were solely depending on word of mouth and referrals to fuel their business..

Lisa Boyer, president at Agent Z Marketing

We wanted to help service providers understand the value of a customer and also the amount they should be spending on marketing, annually. Many don’t understand that to fuel your business, you need to invest.

Interactive calculator - a DIY solution for any website!

So it appeared even though the solution is great but their target audience is one that doesnt know much about marketing and how things work in this sphere. So Agent Z Marketing decided to make things easier and educate their website visitors with 2 interactive calculators! Using interactive calculators they help potential customers evaluate how much is necessary to invest in their annual marketing activities, self-assess how much is a new customer worth and when their investment that will bring many new customers will pay off.

Marketing spend calculator


Well, using such a calculator it would be quite hard to get negative results, dont you think? People who didn’t have the knowledge of how much investment would be good or enough to reach results now do. And people who were doubting whether your tool or services ar worth a try also dont anymore. The benefits are clear without questionable promises or the push to try out. Simple, yet brilliant.

The feedback has been that it is eye-opening to them about their business .

Lisa Boyer, president at Agent Z Marketing


These users' stories help to present the yet undiscovered ways to use interactive calculators. We hope you’ll find inspiration on how you could adapt them to your business website and start improving your results. If you want to know more about different web calculator types and their use check out this interactive calculator guide and easily create your own custom calculator.

Gintė @calconic: I hope you liked Asif's story. Please, leave a comment below if you want to showcase your calculator and story! Stay Safe!

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