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User Stories: Recruitment automation platform and a ROI calculator. Perfect combo by GrabJobs!

GrabJobs using an interactive ROI calculator

Challenge: How to help customers understand the value of the service and why it’s worth it?

Solution: Interactive calculator letting the prospect count the ROI and how much he will be able to save replacing old methods with an innovative automation tool.

Result: 1,000+ organic visitors per month on the calculator itself without promotion. Educated and engaged leads in the conversion funnel.

Recruitment is a rapidly changing process in every company. Turnover is costly and companies now understand the importance of a strong - longterm team. So hiring became focused on retention.

Old school interviews and paper resumes are replaced by innovative methods that raise hiring efficiency. Tools are capable to assess candidates on potential loyalty, skills that will be necessary not only just now, but in the future too. Focused selection and the right decision is key in saving money for the future and the specialists that create value for the company, but how to make those companies realize they have these easy cost reduction opportunities?

Recruitment budgets are overspent on channels that turn out to be extremely inefficient. The ROI and the time spent usually end up being excessive in comparison to what can be done with automation.

Emmanuel Crouy, CEO & Co-Founder of GrabJobs

This time we’re talking about a great recruitment automation platform that found a way to convince their website users about the value of their product with a simple ROI calculator.

Background and challenges

Introducing you to GrabJobs. Southeast Asia's leading end-to-end hiring automation platform enabling employers from SMEs to large enterprises and job seekers to connect. Using Grab Jobs companies optimize the repetitive and time-consuming stages of the recruitment process.

Can you believe that the average cost of hiring the wrong person can be between $7,000 and $10,000 for an entry-level position (, 2018)! Unfortunately, some companies, still fail to understand that the cost of a bad hire can be higher than the whole year subscription of such a recruitment automation tool that will save time and money.

Making prospects realize this cost reduction opportunity was something we felt we needed to implement through a tool that would fit our vision - for it to be self-service, online and accessible 24/7 for companies to assess themself their ongoing recruitment costs.

Emmanuel Crouy, CEO & Co-Founder of GrabJobs

Some of the GrabJobs features:

As we now understand, digitization and automation of hiring processes represent an opportunity to be more efficient and less costly while growing a team. But it’s not always easy to explain or show the value that such an automation platform creates. So how GrabJobs is worth it, and how did they manage to prove it?

Creative solution - Interactive Recruitment Cost calculator

An interactive way to let employers assess their recruitment budget and understand the benefits of automation was the perfect solution. Then there’s is no need to explain anymore. The user can count for himself.

Recruitment cost calculator provides you with the answer to your total Recruitment Cost per year, the average cost per hire, estimated costs with GrabJobs, and finally the ROI. How much you could save in total if you’d start using the automation tool.

We wanted a way for our potential clients to assess how much they were spending on traditional recruitment channels while letting them realize how much they could be saving by automating their hiring process with GrabJobs recruitment platform.

Emmanuel Crouy, CEO & Co-Founder of GrabJobs

Once potential users are aware of the benefits of recruitment automation, they are invited to create an account with GrabJobs.


The calculator is a unique piece of the “Recruitment Toolbox”, which helps the website provide an interactive component while educating potential clients.

The all in one recruitment platform created a unique web calculator with their own collected data and innovative approach to automation. They know how much clients can save with specific data points and formulas. These calculations are unique and pertain to the low-cost solution.

The hardest part when building the web calculator was making sure our formulas and costs calculator represented the reality of HR recruitment in today’s age.

Emmanuel Crouy, CEO & Co-Founder of GrabJobs.

And a tool that is useful to anyone in the hiring community doesn’t take long to get noticed.

On average, we see 1,000+ organic visitors per month on the calculator itself. It is solely promoted on our blog and navigation menu.

Emmanuel Crouy, CEO & Co-Founder of GrabJobs


ROI calculator can be a great way to show the real value of a product or service. It serves as a great solution to let potential customers count the amount they will be able to save or return from their investment, as well as make leads that are only in the first stage of the conversion funnel understand the possible opportunities.

Gintė @calconic: I hope you liked GrabJobs story. Please, leave a comment below if you want to showcase your calculator and story! Stay Safe!

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