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User stories: helping revenue leaders build flexible sales teams with an interactive calculator

Calconic user story about Retainer and Commissions Calculator

Challenge: Sales and revenue leaders aim to increase sales but sometimes face challenges in motivating independent sales professionals effectively.

Solution: Implementing an interactive calculator to estimate optimal sales team compensation blends.

Result: Increased user engagement and satisfaction, with the calculator used daily for informed decision-making.

In today's fast-paced world, where technology is advancing rapidly, one thing remains crucial: the trust built by human salespeople. This user story focuses on blending this human touch with emerging technologies to revolutionize the future of sales.

Salesfolks makes it easy for companies to find and handle relationships with salespeople and freelance sales teams. With Salesfolks, you can build and adjust your sales team quickly. This saves business leaders time and money when expanding their sales efforts. For salespeople, Salesfolks helps them find sales opportunities they care about and maximize their earnings by placing them on successful sales teams.

Background and challenges

Salesfolks stands out as the go-to destination for companies seeking to hire flexible sales teams. It empowers sales and revenue leaders to construct fractional, flexible, and seamless freelance sales teams that consistently achieve performance goals.

Our mission is to help companies save money and grow faster by tapping into a global network of on-demand salespeople, while fostering sales career satisfaction and economic success within our professional community

Lief Larson, Founder of Salesfolks

Many sales and revenue leaders want to grow their sales, but they are not confident about how to properly motivate and compensate independent sales professionals.

Salesfolks enables a hybrid model of retainer and commissions to compensate salespeople and the calculator helps growth-minded leaders to better understand how economically motivate flexible sales teams.

Creating the retainer and commision calculator

Lief has been using the Calconic interactive calculators for a number of years.

The ease of use and quality user interface mades us choose Calconic over other possible solutions to achieve our goal

Lief Larson, Founder of Salesfolks

The calculations logic already existed, we just needed a web tool that makes adding the calculator anywhere incredibly simple.

We had formulas in Excel, but needed to move those into our Calconic calculator. The team at Calconic advised us, which was a huge help!

Lief Larson, Founder of Salesfolks

The Retainer and Commissions Calculator helps to estimate the optimal blend of financial compensation for sales contractors. Business owners need to choose their goals, specify current business revenue and product cost and it automatically recommends the team size to achieve their goals.

Retainer and Commissions Calculator

The right side of the calculator provides more detailed recommendations and expected results using the Salesfolks services.


The calculator has since become a vital tool of the sales professionals and sales & revenue leaders using Salesfolks.

It is more than just a nice to have. Our calculator is leveraged by our users to make business and financial decisions.

Lief Larson, Founder of Salesfolks

In conclusion, this story shows that using interactive calculators can help business customers make decisions and simplify complex processes.

Ugnė @Calconic: I hope you liked Lief's story. If you’d like to share your website calculator and become our next user story leave a message for us at

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