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Business cards

The Business Card Calculator is a simple tool to calculate how much it will be aproximately cost to print a certain amount of business cards based on customer needs.

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    (Size + Amount) * (1 + Paper type) * Both sides

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This tool is a great way of calculating how much it will cost to print out the needed business cards for the clients new firm or an already established one but with different options.

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Interactive pricing calculator can do more than just calculations

Counting prices according to custom choices are great. But by adding our advanced features your web calculator can help you automate your order process and lead the visitor down the conversion funnel even more.

Business card calculator with an order form

With an order form element on your web calculator, you not only provide users with personalized price estimates but can also take their order straight away! After filling the order form, all custom choices, estimate and contact details can be sent straight to your specified email.

You can also set up to receive email alerts when orders are submitted. That way you’ll create a true hot lead database. What’s left is to give a small incentive and convert! If you want to add an order form to your calculator just add the order form element at the end of your template and customize the details you want to collect.

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