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Car loan calculator makes it simple to work out what the best deal will be for you. Car financing doesn't need to be complicated, so long as you have an car payment calculator helping you to plan your purchase.

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  • Monthly Payment:

    ((Interest Rate /100/12)+(Interest Rate /100/12)/((1+(Interest Rate /100/12))^ Months -1))*(Vehicle Value - Initial Deposit)

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Use car loan calculator to work out how to structure your car financing deal.

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Car loan calculator leading users down the conversion funnel

When it comes to long term commitment, especially a financial one, people tend to collect all the necessary information first, evaluate the conditions and then make the final decision. Interactive calculators are great at helping you cover these points, but that’s not all. By adding a few additional elements your calculator can encourage users to take further steps in your customer journey.

Car loan calculator with an appointment booking form

Your website goal as a financial services provider is to lead the visitor to book an appointment with you and then convert visitors to customers via live consultations. Adding an order form to your car loan calculator will let users book a consultation with you straight away. All order and contact information together with the calculation results from the calculator will be sent to your email and you can customize a direct message triggered by the click on the button.

You can also receive email alerts when consultation requests are submitted and later on have hot lead contact in your database. When creating your calculator add an order button at the end and customize the contact details you want to collect.

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Car loan calculator mailing results to client’s email

If you dont want to push your client to a meeting straight away Calconic also offers a possibility to send the calculation results straight to the client’s email address. That way giving them more time to prepare but leaving their contact details for you to be able to reach out to them as a follow up any time. Adding a mail results element will let your users download their estimates after adding their email address into the text field and you will be able to grow your mailing list in no time!

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