Cubic yard calculator

The cubic yard calculator calculates cubic yardage based on input of the Length, Width, and Depth. It can be used as a concrete calculator for estimating the volume of concrete needed for a slab, patio or to cover a given area.


  • Total cubic yard

    (Length * Width * (Depth / 12)) / 27

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Cubic yard calculator is a handy addition to your website. Especially if you are a supplier of any materials that are measured/sold in a cubic yard.


For example, if you sell concrete, probably almost any customer will ask you: How much concrete do I need for my slabs, square footings, walls, or... The simple concrete calculator might help your website visitors to estimate what volume of concrete is needed for their project.


And this is only one example. Cubic yard calculator might be helpful to estimate a lot of construction materials like rock, sand, concrete, wood, bark etc. But it doesn't limit with construction materials. Just take a minute to think what else can be calculated in cubic yards?


You can embed this calculator to your website as a simple calculator or customize to fit the exact needs of your business. Add additional fields, to calculate, a weight of the material, or define how many bags, boxes or packs buyer needs. It's easy to do with our drag and drop editor!

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