Paint Calculator

Whether you are planning to repaint your bedroom or painting all rooms in your brand new house, this paint calculator is here to help you determine how much paint you need. You will be able to customize the paint estimation basing on the amount of openings or paint coats. You can also calculate the final cost of paint required!


  • Total room area

    2*(Room length*Room width+Room length*Room Height+Room width*Room Height)-(Room length*Room width)*2

  • Total doors area

    Door height*Door width)*Number of doors

  • Total windows area

    (Windows height*Windows width)*Numbers of windows

  • Total wall area

    Total room area-Total doors area-Total windows area

  • Amount of paint

    (Total wall area/Paint efficiency)*Number of coats

  • Total cost

    Amount of paint*Cost per unit

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Paint calculator helps you calculate the amount and cost of paint needed to paint the walls of a room.

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