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Photography price quote calculator

Our Photography price quote calculator is a tool designed fully prepared for any photographer to add to their website. Use this template customize it according to your needs and automate your quoting process. Provide price quotes in minutes and let your visitors book their date right on your website. Save time for photo editing or photography sessions!


(Service choice + Extra services) * Quantity (hours) = service price

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How does a price quote calculator form work?

In short, custom web calculators make complex things easier to present and comprehend. It saves time, both for you and your prospects. It’s an online widget that works as a fun drag-and-drop quiz and provides instant price quote answers according to your customer choices. Online calculator form aims to ask your prospects the most vital questions in order to identify their needs and respond to them with the most suitable personalized offer. For example, a person planning their [wedding]( "Average cost of a wedding") budget, could mark the services they need and get a personalized estimate of how much it's gonna cost. When you’re done customizing, all you need to do is embed a web calculator into your website. Also, pricing calculators have advanced tools for lead generation, mailing calculation results straight to clients' email, and Paypal payment integration for clients to be able to checkout straight away.

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How to add a photography pricing calculator to your website?

This photography pricing calculator template can be customized and added to any website or platform without any coding skills! To embed the calculator you’ll have to copy the calculator code snippet and paste it in a specific place on your photography website.

Our web calculators also have 3 different breakpoints which will make your calculator look great on all - mobile, tablet, and desktop websites, and can either be embedded on a specific page of your website or appear as a pop-up – that is up to you.

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