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Customizing a Mail Results tool

The Mail Results tool allows visitors to your website to have their calculated results emailed directly to their inboxes, and sends you a copy of the email at the same time.

Customizing the Mail Results Tool

  1. The Element Label input field lets you name your element.
  2. The Show Label toggle controls whether the mail results tool label on the calculator is visible.
  3. The Email Subject input field lets you choose the subject of the email and what the user will see once they receive it.
  4. The Sender’s Name input field lets you set the email sender’s name when it’s sent. Note, to ensure email deliverability, we recommend that you avoid adding an email address to this input field.
  5. The Field Placeholder input field lets you choose what the user will see in the email input field before filling it out.
  6. The Email Message input field lets you write a message to the user receiving the email, which will be included alongside the choices and results being sent to the individual in question.
  7. The Email Footer input field lets you create a footer for the email.
  8. The Send Copy input field lets you add your email address in case you also want to receive a copy of the email sent to your site visitor.
  9. The Button Message input field lets you decide what will be shown on the button that sends the results out.
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