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Connecting an online calculator to Zapier

Connect your Calconic calculator to the other web applications you use via If you aren’t yet familiar with it, Zapier is a free application that allows users to connect and send data between thousands of different applications, including Calconic.

Step 1 | Retrieve your API Key:

  1. Log in to your Calconic account.
  2. Click Account & Billing on the left side menu.
  3. Scroll down to the Third Party Integrations section.
  4. Click the Zapier label and then click the Generate API Key button. Generate your new API Key
  5. Copy or write down the generated API Key. You'll need it to integrate your Calconic and Zapier accounts. Copy your API Key

Step 2 | Retrieve your calculator's ID:

  1. Click My Calculators on the left side menu.
  2. Select the calculator you want to integrate with other web applications.
  3. Copy the last part of the Calconic Editor's URL address from your browser's address bar. This is your calculator's ID. Retrieve your calculator's ID

Step 3 | Connecting your Calconic calculator with Zapier:

  1. Login to your Zapier account
  2. Click the + Create button at the top-left corner and choose Zaps. Click the Make a Zap button
  3. Enter “Calconic” into the search input field and click the latest version. Calconic in sears results
  4. Select the preferred trigger. The trigger you select here should match the tool you use on your calculator:
    • Choose Receive New Mail Lead if the Mail Results tool is added to the calculator.
    • Choose Receive New Payment if the PayPal button is added to the calculator.
    • Choose Receive New Order if the Order Form tool is added to the calculator. Select the preferred trigger
  5. Connect your Calconic account. The Connect Account button
  6. Paste your API Key (retrieved in Step 1) in a new window.
  7. Click the Save + Continue button
  8. Paste in your calculator's ID into the input field below the Calculator ID label and click the Continue button. Paste the id of your custom calculator
  9. (Optional) You can test whether your Calconic account is successfully connected to your Zapier account by clicking the Test trigger button. Test the trigger
  10. Done! You have successfully connected your Calconic account and your calculator to Zapier. Now you need to create your Action step!

NOTE: The Zapier integration is still in closed beta and is currently only available via a paid plan. If you would like to get an invitation to test this integration, please contact us via email or use the following link:

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