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Customizing an Order Form tool

Using the Order Form tool, you can create an order form which the user can fill out and send it to either a predefined email address or send it to the address which the user types in himself. The form can contain multiple labeled input fields which the user can fill out. The options include: a text input field, an email input field and a date input field.

  1. The Use a different email address slider controls whether the email address used to send the form will be the one entered in the form or a predefined one.
  2. In the Send to input field you can type in the email address the form will be sent to. This option will be only available if the Use a different email address slider is turned on.
  3. In the “Thank you” message input field you can write a thank you message the user will receive after filling out the form and clicking on the order button.
  4. In the Button text input field you can write what will be shown on the button which places the order.
  5. Under the Form fields label, click on the ADD FIELD button to add an input field for the user.
  6. Under the ADD FIELD button, all your added fields will be shown. You can customize them by clicking on their label or the arrow facing to the right before the field label. You can also change the sequence of the fields by clicking on the downward pointing arrow or the upward pointing one.
  7. In the Field label you can write what the input field will be labeled.
  8. The Field type options lets you choose what type of input field you want to be added.
  9. The Field required slider controls whether the input field is optional or required to fill in.
  10. In the Field placeholder you can write what text will be seen before the user types in the needed information. It is a great way to give the user an example of what the answer should look like.
  11. In the Field error message input field you can type in what error message the user will get when the Field required slider is on the input field is left blank.
  12. To delete a field, just click on the field you want to delete and then click on the DELETE FIELD located at the bottom.