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Customizing an Order Form element

Start accepting orders directly from your calculator using the Order Form tool. You’ll receive all your orders via email, or you can connect your calculator to any web application via our Zapier integration and get your orders sent directly to the application you use to process the orders (Zapier, Google Spreadsheets or any web based CRM system). The order form tool creates a separate form were you can ask for customer details like Name, Email, Shipping Address and more.

Customizing the Order Form tool

  1. All orders are sent to the email associated with your Calconic account by default. If you want to receive orders to a different email account you can switch the Use a Different Email Address toggle to the ON position, and add the desired email address to the input field below.
  2. The Send to input field lets you decide which email address you want orders to be sent to. Note that this option will only be available when the Use a Different Email Address toggle is turned on.
  3. Post submission action decides what happens after the end-user makes a submission. You can choose between showing a message within the calculator or redirecting end-users to an entirely different page.
    • "Thank you" message text overlays the calculator after a submission, showing it for 5 seconds.
    • URL redirect forwards end-users to a page specified in the URL redirect link field after submission. Make sure to include https:// prefix with the link.
  4. The Button Text input field lets you label the button that is used to place orders.
  5. Form Type allows you to choose how your custom order form is opened and displayed.
    • Overlay - the element initially displays a button. The form is opened when a button is clicked and it overlays the whole calculator.
    • Inline - the form is shown immediately when the calculator loads within the element container.
  6. Under the Form Fields label, click on the Add Field button to add an input field for the user. Under the Add Field button, all your added fields will be shown. You can customize them by clicking on their label or the arrow facing to the right before the field label. You can also change the sequence of fields by clicking on the downward pointing arrow or the upward pointing one.
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