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Rounding down calculator results to the nearest integer

Using the Floor() function, you can round up the results of a formula to the nearest integer. It’s a useful tool for when the results of formulas have to be integers and in this case, the Floor() function is used to round up the results to the nearest integer. For example: if the result of a formula is 87.3, it will be rounded up to the nearest integer which is 87.

After creating the wanted formula and writing it in the formula editor, write down Floor before the formula and put it in brackets. So it should look like this: if the formula is 2.2+2.3 then you should write it like this Floor(2.2+2.3). Now, the result will be rounded up from 4.5 to 4.

NOTE: To use the standard way of rounding up numbers, which is if the result is 4.2 then it will be rounded up to 4 and if the result is 4.5 or higher the result will be rounded up to 5, use the Round() function in the same way as Floor().