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Best apps for Your Website Landing Page

Best landing page tools for better performance

For any online business, landing pages are one of the most potential gold mines. This is the place where you allure customers with irresistible offers and exciting CTAs. It’s a fact that landing pages have a higher rate of conversion than any other generic or blog page. Having a higher rate of conversion means you can use it for any given purpose, be it SEO (search engine optimization), lead capturing, or paid advertising.

A slight change in the landing page can make a notable contribution in increasing the conversion, and then eventually your profit. Even after being so beneficial for the business, marketers still find it challenging to understand the performance of the landing page and how it can be optimized. Besides the essentials there are countless of tools for landing pages available in the market that help marketers measure, improve, and optimize performance.

Here we have put a list of the top tools to improve landing pages.

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How to create a high-performing landing page?

Part of the magic that the landing page lets you create is focusing on one main action you want your customers to take. And when all the focus is right it’s a direct road to success.

Good landing pages show conversion rates that are 10-12% higher than average website pages. Ans addressing buyer concerns on landing pages increases conversions by up to 80%

So what you need to focus on when creating your landing page is these things:

And that’s a lot you would think. But using the right tools it becomes less complicated.

Landing Page Optimization

If you already do have a landing page, then we’re talking about its optimization. In this process, you work on each of the landing page elements to improve and enhance its performance. No matter how strong it is, redesigning this page based on intuition is not advisable. It is best to stick to researched data and anecdotal facts.

For example, you can rely on your audience and take insights from them about what they like, and then build further on it.

Moreover, it is essential to keep in mind that you are not going to build the finest landing page in one attempt. Check your performance report, analyze it, and then make changes accordingly.

Tools To Improve your Landing Page


Let’s begin with a little bit of analytics. After all, that’s the foundation of your landing page optimization. So where are you killing it and where do you lose your users attention?

Well Hotjar is really an amazing tool for landing pages. By generating heat maps and behavior analysis you can learn about your traffic patterns. How your users scroll through the page, where are they trying to click, what are they ignoring and etc. Sometimes it’s a shock when you see that the content which you have been working on so bad is not even seen!

So it’s very important that you not only create for your ideal customer in the head, but for the one, that’s browsing through your site!

HoJar heatmaps for landing pages

SE Ranking

Moving forwards SE Ranking is a life-saving tool for digital marketers and business owners. It can help with a wide range of SEO tasks, including website auditing, rank tracking, competitor research, planning marketing activities, etc. It is backed by a robust keyword ranking and suggestion system that allows you to track the real-time position of website keywords and find more keyword ideas relevant to your website.

With its help, your website will be more likely to appear in the top 10 on the search engine result pages (SERPs). You can optimize your landing page using SE Ranking to increase its traffic, and hence, the number of converted customers. You can do this by doing keyword research and then optimizing your pages for the most promising ones. Alternatively, you can check what your main competitors do in terms of SEO and implement their best practices on your website. Meanwhile, SE Ranking backlink monitoring feature allows you to keep track of all the backlinks of the site at one central place where you get key parameters of each link.

Moreover, it allows you to improve the performance of the website by analyzing technical issues it has. The website audit feature gives actionable insights about the website health with key descriptions that help you make the necessary changes.

Some of the other features include marketing SEO plan, social media management, report generator, API Access, Lead Generation tool and much more.

SE Ranking Features: Website Auditing, Competitor and Keyword Analysis,, Keyword Tracking for mobile and desktop, Link Management, etc.

SEO platform for landing pages


Now remember when we talked about how interactivity is one of the focus areas of a good landing page? Well, it’s no surprise. You want to engage your prospect and get them to move along your conversion funnel. And it’s hard to make that happen with only an informational type of content.

Calconic is a web calculator builder platform. You can create your custom calculator and add it to your website without any code. Interactive calculators work like a charm when you want to convert traffic into customers. You can tackle main customer painpoints, by giving instant personalized answers to questions like how much, how many, which option is better for me and similar without a support team.

Custom calculators are especialy valuable to very nieche audiences or SMEs. These tools can generate instant results while becoming the main reason for linking to your website and engaging customers for low costs. For example selling specific vitamins or supplements, healthcare devices, pet products and etc.

The most popular types of web calculators used by Calconic users are Instant Price Quote Calculators, ROI Calculators, Quantity Calculators, Saving Calculators or financial calculators such as mortgage calculator, investment or loan payments. With CALCONIC_ Calculator Builder you can create any custom calculator that fits your needs.

Colonic Features: Drag Drop Editor, Built-in Templates, and advanced elements such as mail results, PayPal for processing payments, or order form for lead generation.

Web calculator builder for landing pages


Next focus - support. [LiveChat]() is one of the most widely used live chat tools providing service to more than 23000 recognized businesses across 150 nations. With the help of chat tools that LiveChat offers, your service agents will find it quite easy to solve the queries of the customers in no time.

You can easily integrate it with the landing page of your website, which will help you provide a better user experience to the visitors. By using its message sneak peek tool, your agent will be able to see what the visitor is typing or even trying to type, which means they’ll have a few extra seconds to get prepared and provide the solution in a better way.

It allows you to create automatic messages which ensure that your customer service agents and live chat outsourcing teams do not waste their time typing repetitive messages. Moreover, with this tool, you can be available 24/7 and reduce the wait time for your customers. It can easily be integrated with a wide range of apps like Facebook, Google Analytics, MailChimp, etc.

Features of LiveChat: Agent Scheduling, Co-Browsing, Knowledge Database, Offline Form, Persistent Chat, Shortcut Messages, Transfers, Visitor Targeting, etc.



Email marketing is not dead and the purpose of some landing pages is exactly to grow subscribers list or collect leads. MailerLite is a perfect choice for managing your email marketing efforts.

Using MailerLite you can create dynamic emails, learn what subscribers want, test campaigns, and tweak content to be more effective. You will be able to segment your subscribers into different groups, adjust the content for each of them separately and even add personalization. Wit all the features you will be able to create more than an email marketing campaign but whole email workflow.

Features: Drag & drop editor, Newsletter templates, email automation, segmentation, A/B split testing, E-commerce campaigns



Unbounce is one of the best landing page builders and optimization tools with easy-to-churn automated landing pages that have a very low bounce rate. It comes with various optimizing tools like A/B testing, heat maps, etc. The native A/B testing of Unbounce is up to the mark, and the popup tool that comes with it helps in increasing the conversion rate of your landing page.

Moreover, all the landing pages that you create using Unbounce are automatically secured with the SSL certificate which makes sure that your visitors have no reason to leave the site even before it has completely loaded. All the templates and page styles that you choose are optimized for the mobile layouts so that no visitor group is left unattended.

Unbounce Features: A/B Testing, Drag and drop Builder, Pre-built Templates, Pixel Perfect, Mobile Friendly, Sticky Bars, Pop-ups, Countdown Timer, Dynamic Text Replacement (DTR), Analytics, SEO Optimized, Custom Domain, Files Download, etc.



Popupsmart targets one of the primary functions of a landing page, i.e., lead generation - it is brilliant at it. It is a no-code popup builder tool, which means website owners don’t need to have prior coding knowledge to collect email leads, increase sales and engagement with opt-in forms, pop-ups, and sticky bars.

There are many landing page builder tools available in the market that allow you to build popups, but more often than not, those popups will be glitchy, and you’ll have fewer customization options on offer. Popupsmart, on the other hand, is a standalone popup builder tool that has a sharp focus on lead generation.

Popupsmart Features: Video popup, Mobile responsive, Advanced targeting features like geo-location, exit-intent, and URL-browsing, Ready-made and customizable popup templates, Autoresponder email to subscribers, and much more.


Google optimize

A tool giving endless possibilities for your A/B testing. As we mentioned earlier, when talking about landing page optimization it’s not recommended to change your design, button position or copy only based on intuition. But if you can’t forget your ideas and really believe it will make the whole difference for your performance, don’t guess - test!

Optimizely tool will let you make changes to your website design without code and direct a chosen portion of your traffic to the original and to the test versions. You will be able to compare the data and see the actual performance of your hypothesis. If you have any doubts about certain parts of your website this tool will help you find the right solutions.

Features: visual editor, analytics audiences, A/B testing, reporting


Final Words

Landing pages are one of the main sources of lead generation for most businesses, and they are too essential to be published without optimizing, experimenting, and improving. They are, basically, the backbone of any lead gen campaign and play a crucial role in sending customers on the right side of the funnel. Using the tools mentioned above, you’ll be able to improve the performance of your landing page and will appear higher on the SERPs. The correct use will increase your conversion rate significantly.

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