Mortgage Calculator (incl. Down Payment)

Mortgage calculator is a simple yet powerful tool that helps to build trust between customer and lender, a trait that has always played an important role in financial sector. Embedded to your website, it empowers your site visitors to estimate the cost of their mortgage. All they need is to put in just a few digits and our mortgage calculator widget will immediately tell what their monthly payment and total payments will be.

Even more, add a simple Mail Results tool to this calculator and you’ll start generating leads. All calculators created with CALCONIC are fully customizable to match the look and feel of your site.


  • Monthly Payments

    (Home Purchase Amount - Down Payment) * ((Interest Rate /12/100)*((1 + Interest Rate /12/100))) ^ (Loan Terms * 12)) / (((1 + (Interest Rate /12/100)) ^ (Loan Terms * 12)) - 1)

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This mortgage calculator, and all its modifications, is a handy sales tool for real estate brokers, mortgage brokers, all kind of lenders or even banks. Embed this mortgage calculator widget to your website and allow its visitors to calculate their monthly payment.

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