Mortgage Calculator (incl. Down Payment)

This Mortgage calculator is used to estimate monthly & total payments for the mortgage loan, including various loan amounts, terms and interest rates. It’s exceptionally easy to use and it solves a lot of issues by providing the relevant information instantly.

The Mortgage calculator is a simple yet extremely powerful tool that helps to build trust between customer and lender, a trait that has always played an important role in the financial sector.


Monthly Payment = (Home Value - Down Payment) * ((Interest Rate /12/100)*((1 + Interest Rate /12/100))) ^ (Loan Term * 12)) / (((1 + (Interest Rate /12/100)) ^ (Loan Term * 12)) - 1)

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Our Mortgage calculator is exclusively designed for everyone with an interest in finance and real estate, but it's a perfect match if you're a: Real estate professional, mortgage broker, realtor, any kind of lender or even a personal banking representative.

If you are working with finance and real estate, most likely you're dealing with mortgage loans daily and replying to endless mortgage inquiries of your customers. Then you must have noticed, how complex for your customers it could be and how many options and subtleties this topic covers. So you can either:

a) keep on answering tons of inquiries every day from your potential clients;

b) consult them via chat or phone;

c) arrange a seminar or a private meeting and explain to them their options.

OR you can save a lot of time and resources and USE our Mortgage calculator on your website, so your customers could find the information they’re looking for by themselves!

How does it work?

This Mortgage calculator is a customizable widget you can embed into your website. It is also fully customizable to meet the specifics of your business. Pretty much endless options give freedom to your imagination here.

You can personalize the mortgage calculator by adding or removing input elements and modifying the calculation formula. Would like to include mortgage insurance, hazard insurance, real estate taxes or change the repayment frequency? As we already told you above, our Mortgage calculator is fully customizable. Besides this basic version of Mortgage calculator, you can choose from alternative templates, like the mortgage calculator, which includes insurances and taxes fields or opportunity to change the repayment frequency.

Also, you can adjust design, color or text and give it identical appearance as your website. We can guarantee you - no one will ever notice it wasn't there before! It is completely compatible with all modern browsers, and totally responsive - works smoothly on any device whether it’s a smartphone, a tablet or a desktop computer.

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Mortgage calculator provides great benefits both to business and directly to your customers:

Benefits for your business:

Benefits to your customers:

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