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7 Most important Digital Marketing statistics for 2022

Digital Marketing statistics for 2022

Why are companies struggling to conquer the digital world? Digital transformation has revolutionized digital marketing strategies, which are one of the favorite tools for businesses to awaken the interest of their prospective customers, accelerate sales and consolidate their brand name. In addition, online positioning has played an essential role as it allows direct targeting of consumers through more dynamic and closer interaction.

Today, we present the 7 most important digital marketing statistics for 2022 that unveil new trends for businesses and offer a glimpse into the marketing industry's future.

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1. Continuous communication with customers online

According to marketing statistics for 2022, about 70% of communication with customers will be done using digital technologies to expand and diversify relationships between consumers and brands. Tools such as chat services, instant messaging, video calls, video tutorials, blog posts, among others, are digital marketing strategies that favor direct contact with the public and optimize the time and quality of response to their customers.

Businesses aim to achieve significant proximity with their consumers, and digital technologies favor interactive, dynamic, and continuous communication that allows them to understand the diversity of services offered to customers and businesses to understand more accurately what the customer expects from them.

2. How many purchases happen via social media?

Social media has a massive impact on the U.S. marketing industry; more than 50% of the country's adults already made their first purchase on social media. It was estimated that sales through these channels will reach 45.74 billion by 2022!

Social media have become great allies for the growth of brands depending on their niche. For example, Facebook ranks first in the U.S. with a market that exceeds 56.1 million online product buyers. In the case of B2B companies, LinkedIn allows them to explain better the complexity of the services they offer and help with leads generation to attract their audience.

Other social networks such as Pinterest have revolutionized product sales in the U.K. and Europe, especially in the fashion world, which functions as an interactive showcase.

Social commerce statistics

3. Why you should prioritize getting on that first position in SERP?

When you see an ad on the Internet, do you click on the "X" directly? Recent digital marketing statistics show that more than 86% of people skip the SERP results that are marked as "ads" and give their clicks to the first ORGANIC position on SERP. Content ranked through ads is not considered as much "trustworthy".

More than 60% of digital marketing experts recommend businesses to bet on creative and original content marketing strategies with a friendly SEO structure. They remark the use of keywords that allow them to occupy the first places, generate traffic to their website, and increase the conversion rate for optimal online positioning.

Brand research statistics

4. Content marketing strategies are the new key in the marketing industry

A survey was conducted in 2021 revealing that content marketing is still on the rise. More and more businesses are considering content marketing strategies as effective tactics for their online positioning. Around 97% of respondents say they use content marketing to captivate and engage prospective customers.

In this regard, they claim the effectiveness of articles, blog posts, social media posts, and web content in the marketing industry lies in increasing their brand awareness. Likewise, they enable them to attract more traffic to their websites and generate leads that help them target their target audience.

Finally, businesses need to define their objectives clearly, devise a focus content outline, and choose the best content type to achieve online success. Increase in interactive content formats and engaging users proves to help in achieving the goals set. But most importantly, take care of the quality of the content to clearly and assertively convey why your product or service is the best choice in the market.

5. How much content does it take to convert?

A lot of digital marketing statistics try to forecast what will it take to increase conversion of your website for the upcomming season. It is estimated that most buyers read at least 10 B2B content posts before purchasing. In addition, more than 70% of customers do an exhaustive search to find the option that best suits their needs.

In this way, the creation of blog posts, articles, newsletters, videos, and other entries effectively attract consumers' attention, educating them about the qualities and advantages of products and services that make them unique in the market. Companies should bet on creating marketing content that starts by highlighting the product specifications to increase the number of clicks (CTR). They need to motivate buyers to continue reading; the longer the reading time, the higher the chances of conversion, so it is an essential part of the organic growth of the brand and its online positioning.

Content conversion statistics

6. Focus on building your online positioning

Nowadays, businesses should not only focus on providing an excellent service to customers who come to their stores since about 63% of purchases begin online even if the buyer comes to the store. Thus, brands that aspire to become a quality reference to conquer their niche must apply intelligent digital marketing strategies.

For them, they must cover several fronts, social media, web content, email marketing and tutorials that create an integrated whole of engaging, entertaining, and coherent content that directs the customer to the website.

It is part of the online lifecycle, engaging content to increase the number of visits, captivate the customer, accelerate sales, increase conversion rate and consolidate online positioning. In addition, the higher the quality and diversity of the media used, the more confidence the customer will have in the quality of the products offered.

Brand discovery

7. Why you should start making videos?

Videos are an interactive, dynamic and colorful way to convey the message to the audience in a few seconds. According to marketing statistics for 2022, videos on a landing page increase conversion rates by an incredible 86%. As a result, its use has become a growing digital marketing trend. The high impact of bold images engages customers to read the content presented. Marketing experts recommend that businesses include clear and simple phrases to captivate the audience more efficiently and clear any doubts when choosing a brand.

Video marketing statistics


So according to digital marketing statistics for 2022 companies should:

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