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Office rent Calculator: An easy and sustainable solution for mental health specialists

Calculator inspo - Mind spaces

MindSpaces is an office space in Toronto. It is designed exclusively for mental health professionals (psychologists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, and others). The office space provides full furniture, needed supplies, high-end design, and, most importantly, a proper place created specifically for mental health practice.

MindSpaces also provides great flexibility. One doesn’t have to rent an office full-time and pay the full monthly price. Although the full-time option is available, the company also offers part-time, daily, and hourly rents.

The challenge: Flexible pricing adapting to professionals schedule?

However, the super flexible renting options bring along a bit of mess to the pricelist. There’s an hourly rate, but it decreases for half-time, daily, and extended-time users. The more frequently one uses the office space, the lower is the hourly rate.

But now, let’s imagine a client who wishes to know the monthly cost. The practitioner needs to rent an office, let’s say, for three hours thrice a week. Then (s)he looks to a price list that would inevitably be complicated due to different hourly rates for various scenarios. Moreover, the price list would be long, as it should include all the possibilities. The potential client would probably get confused or even irritated: why should I make such complex calculations? Why should I hunt for my price among these multiple numbers? And, the worst, (s)he would give up.

That’s why a price-calculating tool is needed to make the clients’ life easier. Their journey from visiting the website to booking an office has to be smooth and without any disturbances.

Office rent calculator according to your work routine

MindSpaces solved the problem with an interactive office rent calculator. It counts the monthly cost according to one‘s preferences.

Office rent price calculator See this custom price calculator in action!

The calculator is two-step. First, the user has to select one of the five options regarding their daily work routine. The options cover a wide variety of types: Daily (8 am - 5 pm), Half day (4.5 hours), Extended day (7 am - 9 pm), Full time, and Hourly. Then, the calculator asks to choose the number of days per week (1 - 5) that you would need to rent the office for. As the user slides the ruler with the number of days, (s)he automatically sees the costs below. The final result with costs for rent changes instantly while the user is dragging the slider so if one is not sure which combination is the most effective cost-wise, (s)he can “play” with the ruler and options, and see which combination is the best fit.

This tool shows the three rates: per day, monthly rate per day of the week, and total monthly rate. So the user gets an understanding of the pricing.

The calculator gives the exact price very conveniently: the user doesn’t have to scroll through complex pricing tables and make calculations themselves. The tool also exposes the flexibility of MindSpace, and might even encourage rethinking one’s routine.

The wrap-up

The office rent calculator beats the issue of complex pricing and adds flexibility to clients not looking for a full time office. With two simple questions, the calculator provides all payment rate options and let's customers pick the most cost effective option for them. So it gives a feel of transparency and understanding (instead of seeing only the total monthly cost) What‘s more: the calculator perfectly reflects the flexibility that MindSpace offers. It‘s very relevant for self-employed specialists, and they can instantly see that the office space provides that. MindSpace case is just one example of how effectively a web calculator can solve a problem. It makes the experience truly easy and clear for the user, with instant answers to all possible doubts. This type of calculator might be super useful for services with complex pricing: communication, advertising, website creation, teaching (language/dance/music/... classes), etc.

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