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Stickers Price Quote Calculator: Improving customer experience on site

Calculator inspo - Sticker Metro Depot

Sticker Metro Depot provides stickers for labels, crafts, products, and services.

Two-type (glossy or transparent) vinyl stickers stand out for high-quality prints and resistance to water, heat, scratch, and tear. Yet no less special is the scope of customization meeting a wide range of customer needs.

Custom orders and custom pricing

Highly individualized orders are a blessing for customers and a brain teaser in terms of pricing. Using Sticker Metro Depot, a customer can choose the preferred size (both length and width), quantity, and the cutting. The choice of cut is free of charge, yet other elements form a great variety of price options. The embarrassing question is: how to write down all of them? One could say it's OK to ask the consultant for the price or to list the factors that determine the price. But people most often want to know the exact cost before they buy something, and individual inquiries via live chats or messages take some time (and waiting). Sure, no company wants to make things complicated for the clients. So, regarding the situation, a solution could be a tool that would handle the custom pricing and allow the customer to see the cost quickly and easily.

Instant calculations and checkout with a web calculator!

Sticker Metro Depot chose a pricing calculator as the solution. The tool is handy and easy to understand as it allows the user to know the final price without unnecessary searches and calculations by oneself. The customer has to enter these parameters: preferred size (length and width, in inches) of a sticker, quantity, cutting options (square/circle/custom shape and the die/kiss cut)—yet, they don't affect the cost. That's it! The process is simple, fast, and the customer can see how his/her choices of each parameter affect the total cost. And that's not all that makes this calculator so advantageous. Another good news is the calculator integration with Shopify—a function that is available only in Calconic calculators. After calculating the price, a customer can instantly go to checkout. That means no double job for a customer with choosing the measurements and quantities separately for the shopping cart. And the company profits in getting more orders, as the process is engaging and intuitive.

See this price quote calculator in action!

The wrap-up

So, Sticker Metro Depot not only dealt with their direct business challenge but also took a smart step of exploiting the calculator even further—in this case, for way more convenient shopping. Thus the calculator has a double function:

1) it easily calculates the price for customized products, and also

2) acts as a shopping cart, which directly links to the payment process.

This case discloses how smartly a calculator can be used—not only for calculating but also for additional functionality. Sticker Metro Depot chose Shopify integration, and your business case might require a different solution. Pricing calculators are practical, easy to use, and efficient for companies of various types. Especially if your product/service can be customized or has a variety of choices, such a calculator can be a step towards more customers' engagement, leads, and sales. If you work as a freelancer a commission or price calculator helps you be transparent and build trust.

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