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Aviator Paramotor product fit Calculator: Finding the Right Wings to Fly

Calculator inspo - Aviator Paramotor

Aviator Paramotor is a Florida-based company selling products and services of paramotoring and paragliding (PPG).

It includes providing flights and training as well as equipment for these aviation activities. They are simple yet fascinating forms of ultralight aviation and evoke a great sense of freedom. What's more, they require no licensing and are among the safest types of aviation.

Making the right product choice simple

So, there‘s no surprise that PPG is popular among adrenaline lovers who also appreciate safety. For some, powered paragliding is a one-time experience. And sometimes, people get so hooked that it becomes a hobby. In this case, personal equipment is unavoidable, as it frees from dependence on service and equipment providers. But then, a responsible question comes to mind: How to choose the right equipment? No one could deny it‘s crucial for safety. Still, the wing sizes are various, and it may seem confusing for a person to make the right choice. So, there's a need for a tool that would help visitors choose the right product fit without the need for a long consultation or an experts opinion. With a simple process the shop could handle more customers faster and improve the overall user experience.

The calculator that provides a personalized answer for everyone


Ozone Wing Size Calculator is the solution: it helps a user find out the right size of wings, according to the body weight. While sliding the measure of body weight in pounds (lbs), a user will see what size fits him/her. There are two types of wings: Mojo PWR and Spyder 3 / Roadster 3, and the product choice calculator gives results for both.

This self-service calculator considerably simplifies the process: it helps a user to find a suitable solution without a consultant's help and confusion while trying to find the right information himself/herself. The calculator is highly personalized: sliding allows choosing the exact weight, thus increasing the trust of result and product reliability. Also, the interactive calculator is just as easy to use as trying PPG is 😉 All that one needs is to slide to the right weight—and that's it. Below, there's a formula that explained how the wing size is calculated, and once again, it increases confidence.

See this wing size calculator in action!

The wrap-up

A personalized web calculator helps to find out the right size easily. It greatly simplifies the process for a user as (s)he doesn't need to see a complex information table or to try to calculate himself/herself by a formula. The calculator for PPG enthusiasts makes a smooth and simple experience of a responsible choice. Businesses can use such type of interactive calculator in ingredients calculation, water intake according to body weight, etc. Maybe your business also needs some help with calculating things?

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