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Calconic’s event budget calculator is a tool designed for all event planners with complicated pricing and booking process. If your business fits into this category, you surely know that meeting clients’ expectations and providing estimates for their dream events takes a hell of a lot of time. But to stand out from the competition you give it your all to be the fastest to respond and make those calculations. So we created this event budget calculator template to ease your everyday tasks and give more time to focus on the event planning itself. Customize the calculator to your needs and let it provide your customers with answers in a number of clicks.

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How does calculator form work?

In short, a custom web calculator makes complex things easier to present and comprehend. It saves time, both for you and your prospects. It’s an online widget that works as a fun drag and drop quiz, only it helps to calculate things. Depending on the type of business you run, you’ll need to decide what the key questions and information your customer needs to answer. What factors may determine the price of your product or service? Is timing important? Does location matter? Are you pricing per piece or per hour? What quantity do they need? Online calculator from aims to ask your prospects the most vital questions in order to identify their needs and respond to them with the most suitable personalized offer. When you’re done customizing, all you need to do is embed a web calculator into your website.

Interactive web calculators not only fully adapt to your business needs, they are also equipped with endless design options. As such, they are extremely versatile. No matter what CMS your website is built on, the calculator form will fit with any of them! It’s also completely compatible with all modern browsers and totally responsive – works flawlessly on any device (smartphone, tablet, desktop, etc.).

What is it for?

Our interactive calculators for events is a time saver for event planners covering all stages of event planning process. From clothing to event venue and catering these calculators can help potential clients count the necessary budget estimates and set the right expectations before coming to their first meeting with you.

Examples of other useful event calculators you could use:

An example of custom invitations price calculator.

Event invitation price calculator

When we talk about big events and celebrations, there’s no way you could skip the invitations. And with each year they need to be more and more exceptional, creative, surprising as technology is improving. There are lots of custom decisions that determine the big difference in prices. So to simplify the process, let customers get the idea of how much it’s going to cost and even order straight away if necessary.

Event photography calculator

If you’re an event photographer and have your own website, a price quote calculator is a must on your website! Each client request can be different, so letting your prospect count the price and book the date without your consultation saves you time and improves their user experience a lot. Let your recommendations work and the photography price quote calculator do the rest!

See photography price quote calculator in action calculate

Event calculator leading users down the conversion funnel

If you only want to inform your prospects using a web calculator, it’s great, but explaining your pricing and providing personalized estimates is not all that calculators can do. Choose the right end elements and your interactive calculator can lead your visitors down the conversion funnel.

Event calculator with an order form

Adding an order form to your event planner calculator gives you the opportunity to you not only let users count personalized service price but also take their order with custom choices straight away. All order and contact information together with the calculations from the calculator will be sent to your email and you can customize a thank you message triggered by the click on the button.

You can also receive email alerts when orders are submitted and later on have hot lead contacts in your database. When creating your calculator add an order button at the end and customize the contact details you want to collect.

Event calculator with a payment button

If there’s not much detail to discuss before purchasing certain services or products from your event planning package you can skip the order form and add a payment button letting users check out straight away. Easily accept one-off payments through Calconic’s simple PayPal integration. Everything happens directly on your website and your client doesn’t need any additional steps to make the purchase. When creating your calculator, add a PayPal button at the end and easily set up all the necessary details.

Event calculator mailing results to client’s email

Calconic also offers a possibility to send the calculation results straight to the client’s email address. Adding a mail results element will let your users download their estimates after adding their email addresses into the text field. And you will be able to grow your mailing list in no time!

Many users like to collect all the necessary information before actually making the purchase. Especially in such cases as event planning, home renovation, construction, building materials, financial service that involve a long-term commitment, and similar. Visitors tend to calculate the total costs, save all the links and estimates of the best options, and then come back to make the order, so providing a good instant estimate and having contacts to follow up maybe just what you need to earn that sale!

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