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Informed decisions with personalized calculations

Let customers make informed decisions with personalized calculations on your website.

Add a lead form to your calculator

Add a lead form at the end of your custom calculator and encourage users to get a personal quote.

Generate leads and nurture them into customers

Collect contact details and nurture prospects into customers.

Example case

Use this Interactive wedding budget calculator as a template for your custom calculator


Jennifer - a wedding planner

Try calculatore in action Jeniffer is a luxury wedding planner in Spain. As you probably know planning a wedding starts with a budget and sometimes it’s pretty hard to imagine how much is needed to create one’s dream wedding. That leaves couples in doubt if they have enough and if they should contact the wedding planner. So Jeniffer created a calculator to help the engaged couple estimate the necessary budget. Can you guess the results? Doubled the number of leads and the right expectations during the first meeting!

Via the calculator, Jeniffer lets her site visitors set the wedding services they would like to be included in the package. For example, the venue type, number of guests they would like to invite, music, photography, florists and etc. that would make them feel like it’s the perfect wedding. The calculator then automatically shows the visitor an estimated budget and the couple can fill a form to get a personal offer as well as book their first meeting.

The results:

  1. Based on the inputs and the set formula, the calculator estimates the minimal budget needed to implement all the dream wedding.
  2. After the couple sees the price estimate they are encouraged to fill the lead form with their contact details and for their first meeting with the wedding planner.
  3. Now Jennifer receives lead forms with couples calculation results and works with the most qualified of leads right from the first meeting!

Popular lead generation calculator templates

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Building your website is now easier than ever. These powerful and highly rated website builders let you create an your own website without any coding skills making it a DIY project for anyone! But dont forget that beautiful design and interesting product are not all. It can be easily affected by poor user experience and complicated pricing, quantity calculations, or other difficulties related to customer service. So improve your website user experience with interactive calculators and sell more.

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Loan calculator to generate leads Custom product calculator for online store Saving calculator for website Service quote calculator for e-commerce Product quantity calculator for e-store


Financial: One of the major obstacles for a visitor to become your lead or client is the financial one. So get that out of the way with an interactive calculator and generate more leads instantly!

Pricing: One of the most basic types - a pricing calculator. Perfect for eCommerce websites offering customizable products. Let your users count the price for custom features or the quantity purchased and proceed to checkout straight away!

Savings: Savings calculators will let you convey the value of your product easier. This example calculator lets the user see why it’s worth buying a car wash membership instead of a one time deal!

Service Price calculator: Price quote calculators can be adjusted to any product or service. Moving services usually depend on many variables that’s why you need a personal offer, but with an interactive calculator, you don’t need consultations!

Quantity: Quantity calculator helping users count the needed product amounts based on their needs. Save time for consultations when a calculator can answer the question in a few clicks!

Other customers about Calconic

Leads that submit a calculator/quote close at about 5x the rate of simple inquiries

Jasmine Hetfeld, Groups and Events Manager at Kulaniapia Falls

We chose CALCONIC because of The UI of the tool, and how the finished calculators looked compared to others. Calconic and its pricing were much more attractive

William Hope, Owner of Spurwing Agency & Founder of

I just relaunched my personal website. Traffic was minimal, maybe 20 visits a day, it’s now been 20,000 per day on average since launching the calculator

Preet Banerjee, Personal Finance Commentator

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