Financial calculators

Customize and add any financial calculator to your website and help customers count mortgage or loan payments, return on investment, interest, future value, taxes and much more prior to your consultation. Our calculators are time savers for companies specialized in the areas of business finance, real estate, insurance, investment or financial consultants.

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How financial calculators work

In short, financial calculators help to make complex calculations easy for your customers and your employees.

All financial commitments are based on various calculations and return on investment decisions before the first contact with a bank or consultant. People are trying to evaluate their choices and whether they should begin investing or making a purchase at all. With a financial calculator, you can make those decisions easier to make. Whether it's selling insurance, investing in real estate or stocks, taking a car loan or mortgage, or simply opening a bank account, build trust with financial calculators. Once you embed a widget on your website, clients can input their personal details and get instant estimates of their financial situation.

Trust and the ability to create an excellent personalized offer is the key to conversion of all financial services. These financial calculators provide the information your customers are looking for, and what's even better it's personalized. Think of who are YOU more likely to choose - a company that lets you create the right expectations about their pricing or a company that corners you into a consultation to get any information?

Now you know that it can save time for both, you and your prospects. But that’s not all. We know it's important for you to secure those leads, so online calculators can collect leads, payments, and order forms as well as send calculation results to your customers' email, so it’s not only a tool that improves your user experience, but can also help you convert more, generate more leads, and improve your overall sales process.

Financial calculator tools fully adapt to your business needs and have endless design options to make your product or consultancy pages meet your branding requirements. As such, they are extremely versatile. No matter what CMS your website is built on, the calculator form will suit your business! It is also fully compatible with all modern browsers and is fully responsive to any desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

Reasons to add a financial calculator to your website

How to create and embed a financial calculator to your website?