Compound Interest Calculator

Our Compound interest calculator is designed to estimate how much money will be accumulated from one’s deposit within a certain period of time.

This calculator includes interest that is earned not only on the initial amount invested but also on any interest. In other words, compound interest is the interest calculated on top of the initial deposit and the interest which has been accumulated during the consecutive periods as well.

The most common use of the Compound interest calculator is the calculation of regular savings. In order to make a smart financial decision you must be able to foresee the expected outcomes of it.

The generic compound interest formula:

A = P(1 + r/n)(nt)

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Formula for compound interest

The future value of the investment (including Principal):
A = P(1 + r/n)(nt)

Total Compounded Interest:
C = P(1 + r/n)(nt) - P

Effective Annual Rate:
i = (1 + r/n)n - 1

A = The future value of the investment
P = The principal investment amount
R = Annual Nominal Interest Rate in percent. In the formula, r = R/100.
n = The compound interval (the number of compounding periods per year)
t = Investment Period (years)
C = Total compounded interest
I = Effective Annual Rate. In the formula, i = I/100

When should you use Compound interest calculator?

Compound interest calculator was intentionally built for those, who wish to anticipate their best investment options, but it’s an irreplaceable tool to: banks, finance & investment consultants, family offices and to all financial service businesses. This tool becomes a saver, if you/your customers are looking for solution in situations when:

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Those who encountered with making a deposit would agree that there are more than a few options how to do it. Not all financial service institutions treat money investments the same way. Some apply compound interest monthly, others quarterly or even annually. Some of them charge fees, others don't.

Taking this into account, it's up to your control to modify the calculating formula or any other element of the calculator. Also, you can check out alternative calculator templates related to financial services.

Moreover, you can modify your Compound interest calculator to match it perfectly to your website look. The control of its appearance (design, color & text) is completely in your hands. Compound interest calculator widget works on all modern browsers and can be shown on any device whatever it is smartphone, tablet or computer.

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