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Coverage Calculator: an Instant Help for Customer

Calculator inspo - Aussie Fire Glass

Aussie Fire Glass is a small Australian company providing premium fire glass. People use the product in fireplaces, fire pit, art, or building projects. Not only is decorative, but this product also leaves the fireplace clean and is safe for the lungs and environment in general. Aussie Fire Glass is a long-lasting product: it doesn‘t melt, fade, burn, or discolor over time.

So, the company sells aesthetics and functionality. However, this is a kind of niche product. People often don‘t have an understanding of how does it function, how much do they need to buy, and so on. Aussie-glass-Cover.webp

The challenge: OK, so how to help a user in the unknown?

Choosing the right quantity is probably the biggest challenge for customers-and no business wants to make things confusing for a buyer. The problem is apparent if a person is used to firewood and wishes to try the fire glass for the first time. Choosing the quantity out of sight might end in too little glass. Or, on the contrary, in a headachy question: what to do with the excess glass?

Sure, there must be a rule on how to find the right amount. But who wants to engage in calculations? A customer usually wants to get his goods easily and quickly. So the goal of Aussie Fire Glass is to find a way of helping a customer so that his/her buying experience is as smooth as possible. And thinking of a helping hand, the solution should offer simple assistance in finding out the needed quantity. Sure, as easily as possible!

Quantity calculator: beating the challenge easy

Aussie Fire Glass eased the process smartly: they installed a quantity calculator that counts the required weight. A customer can find the calculator on a separate website section and a page of every product.

See this custom quantity calculator in action!

Coverage Calculator counts the fire glass quantity in kilos. A customer has to choose the shape of the object (rectangular, square, or cylinder). According to the shape, the calculator asks to enter measurements. It includes width (and length) or diameter (in centimeters) and also the wanted depth. The latter means the fire glass coverage (the company recommends 5 - 10 cm depth).

The tool completely solves the challenge: it leaves the customer informed and not confused. The buying experience is convenient—all the product pages have a calculator, so the customer doesn‘t have to go on a separate page for using the calculator. And the tool itself is easy to use: one has to enter just a few numbers, and that‘s it: the calculator automatically shows the needed quantity.

The wrap-up

Coverage Calculator helps a customer easily find out the needed quantity. A complicated question, at first sight, it leaves a buyer with a specific answer. Moreover, a website visitor can use the calculator with no product selected, as well as with a chosen type of glass. And it greatly eases the process—everything can be done on the same page. If you can relate to the problem Aussie Fire Glass experienced before, you should take a closer look at Calconic construction calculators. Take your business up the ladder!

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