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Tuition and Fees Cost Estimator: A Helping Hand for Future Students

Calculator inspo - Mansfield University

Mansfield University is a public university in Pennsylvania, USA. Their strength is a small size that determines a close-knit community. Set in a rural area, their campus is surrounded by scenic rolling hills.

That sounds so peaceful. Still, any high school graduate would testify that topic of universities is often stressful. When it comes to choosing a university, many concerns and unknowns attack the brain. And one of the major worries is the financial one.

The challenge: How to simplify the preparation process for incoming students?

Mansfield University claims that its power is personal attention to each student. And that's easy to prove when students are already a part of the community. But how to express helpfulness and hospitality to those who are just getting ready for the study years?

The uni had to make the future students‘ experience as smooth as possible. That means simplifying the processes to the max. Calculating the costs of tuition, housing, food—it takes time and effort to find the needed information and put everything into a budget. So, why not make life easier for future students with a useful tool—a tool that would calculate the annual study cost?

The simple yet powerful fees calculator

Mansfield University had already saved time and brain cells for hundreds of students with a tuition and fees calculator. The Annual Cost Estimator includes the costs of tuition fees, housing, and food. The student-to-be has to choose the preferred options in all three categories, and (s)he will instantly see the total amount of money needed for one study year. The process is quick, easy, and convenient. No more useless stress while searching for information across the websites, doublechecking and trying to keep it in the memory. The tuition fees calculator is super simple to use. There are three sections to answer, all with answering options, so a user doesn't need to fill anything by himself/herself. Residency. It determines the cost of tuition fees. There are three different amounts: for the residents of Pennsylvania state, for the residents of New York and New Jersey states, and all the rest.


See this tuition and fees calculator in action!

Housing. The tool asks to choose one of the eight options. Those include single and multi-person private/shared accommodation in different units. By the way, Mansfield University is known for its great dorm quality. Meal plans. Students living on-campus have a quadruple choice of 10, 14, or 19 meals/week or 175 meals/semester. This interactive calculator takes all choices into account and provides a personalized answer for each student.

The wrap-up

The power of this fee calculator lies in its simplicity and informativeness. The Annual Cost Estimator greatly simplifies the calculation of study expenses. The tool includes the three most important factors: residency, housing, and meals. The interactive calculator is handy to realize the needed amount and explore different options according to financial possibilities. The future students get to know their annual study costs quickly and easily. Honestly, there's no confusion anywhere: all one needs is to select the answers—there are no fields with entering numbers yourself.

The tool is a helpful gesture of the uni that seeks to keep a close and supportive community. Likewise, precious help instead of confusing calculation can be provided in choosing a service package, service plan, set of goods, and so on.

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