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6 Web Calculators Every Automotive Industry Provider Should Know About [2022]

6 Web Calculators Every Automotive Industry

Who likes fast and comfortable cars? I do, but I expect all the services related to my car to be fast too. Usually, clients don’t see how many mechanics are fixing their car, or how many are washing it, but they don’t really care. Their main goal is to get results as fast as possible and be on their way.

How can you make this process comfortable and fast? That’s the question I’ll be trying to answer today. There are several things you can do to avoid losing out to competitors online; but first, it all comes down to optimizing your customer service in a way that’s superior to others.

Cut down on registration times, questionnaires, and conversations to identify the problem, and figure out how to sell your services better without a marketing team. Think about why people buy cars! This question is crucial for every mechanic, car rental agency or any other car pro. Your clients are looking for the most COMFORTABLE and FAST way to get around. The thing is, they are looking for the same thing in everything related to cars.

Online Calculators Make it Comfortable & Fast

The automotive industry is no easy sector. The global auto industry expects to sell around 77 million automobiles by the end of 2019! Competition is fierce, so becoming the top choice car pro for customers comes down to high-quality customer service and standing out from the crowd. In this post, I want to cover custom web calculators and see how they can help you increase your share of the market. These are super helpful tools during the initial contact phase with prospects. Web calculators are designed to save you and your potential clients time, and make browsing your website a fast and comfortable experience.

For this post, I have picked 6 random calculators for different auto business types. All of them solve one of the biggest problems in this industry: providing a fast response to customer inquiries and saving businesses time. In addressing these problems, the calculators in question also help increase conversion rates (some stats even reveal an increase of up to a 40%). So, make customers happier and get more leads with these 6 calculators:

01 Car Maintenance Price Calculator

Your auto repair services can become more comfortable and fast by providing a quick interactive calculator for car maintenance prices, repair time, or for example, tire mounting. The more you know about the incoming client, the faster it is to give an estimate for your services.

Please note that this is only the ‘skeleton’ of a web calculator for car maintenance cost estimates. You’re free to add or remove any required fields or options to meet your specific business and your client needs, and it’s pretty easy to do. So if you’re a car maintenance service provider, get to know the car that’s coming into your shop. Add input fields for the make, car type, model, year of the car etc. Then add a checklist for visitors to mark the parts they want checked in the vehicle. Include the basics like electronic diagnostic, engine, and oil levels, or maybe even include package offers. If a client has an issue, they can choose a whole package of services for everything related to lights or electronics. Looking a bit further, if the problem is too complicated, the calculator can immediately tell the client that, “this repair is not possible” or it can show that, “this problem will take 2-3 days to fix” without you having to move a finger. You also don’t need someone to sit by the phone and explain what your service is capable of.

Use this calculator template as basis for your custom car maintenance calculator

The overarching goal is to make your client come to your website and get all the answers in just a few minutes. You can even add an order form, so you can easily manage all the customer flood and collect leads. The rest is up to your booking system. Less unexpected clients - more consistent results!

The customized calculator can collect answers from clients about their car model, the problem and other important details your mechanics need. Next to the calculator, you can put a calendar so the client can verify your availability. Amazing isn’t it? You’re almost free from all the customer service questions, which take up a lot of your time.

02 Car Wash Price Calculator

Car washes will always be an important service for every car owner. But maybe now you’ve stated offering an annual car wash membership. How can you get people to understand they can save a lot by purchasing this membership instead of paying separately every Sunday?

The Car Wash Price Calculator will let you sell your service in a way that’s COMFORTABLE and FAST. So why not throw in car wash membership pricing where your potential clients can calculate the cost of multiple car washes? If you have a car wash drive through, show that they can have unlimited car wash or that it works for 24 hours.

You can add ongoing sales too, so they’ll get discounted estimates right away. Your potential client will select all their desired options and skip irrelevant ones (with or without drying, waxing, cleaning of tires, etc.). Put as many fields as you need and then let them compare prices – they’ll see that it’s worth it!

Use this calculator template as basis for your custom car wash calculator

Keep in mind, a car wash is not usually a decision people think about for a few hours; you have to convince them in minutes, and that is the purpose of an interactive car wash calculator.

We prepared a basis for your calculator; it may be that you're a car hand wash service provider or have a car wash self service station. If so, go ahead and update prices, and add all the options that your car pro team is capable of providing!

03 Car Lease Calculator

How can you simplify the process of answering inquiries about car leasing? Comfortable and fast is not so easy to achieve when there are so many details to know before providing a good lease offer.

The Car leasing Calculator is a popular choice because information on car leasing costs is searched for everyday. Even companies are looking for offers, because why spend a large amount of money at one time when you can get a car and pay in small installments? Here, I’m providing a Car Leasing Costs Calculator with the most basic features, but as a leasing provider, add a checklist about leasing credit history, info boxes, or input fields for mileage (if you have some restrictions). Interactive calculators are fully at your service; you just need to start creating. If you have fields that only need to be filled if certain conditions are met, use the conditional visibility feature. Let’s say that there’s no need to fill the rest of the request form if the person doesn't have a clean credit history to lease a car. Add a checkbox asking if they have any other financial liabilities, and if they answer yes, let them know that you won’t be able to provide them with a leasing offer.

Use this calculator template as basis for your custom car lease calculator

We have to admit that many clients want to get the leasing offer very fast, since, most likely they already have their eyes set on the car they want to buy and are choosing their payment method. So be the fastest to capture this momentum!

04 Car Towing Cost Calculator

Car towing services are one of those auto services that are most dependent on speed. When a car breaks down in the middle of the road, the car tow service that can help the fastest with a reasonable price is the one that wins. Leave your competitors in the dust by offering a towing service where everything can be provided in just a few clicks!

Special tip from our side: better keep this calculator at the top of your landing page. It should be the first thing that welcomes users. If they’re in trouble, they’ll choose the required fields and get a price. Leave your contacts next to it, so they can order your service instantly after that.

Let’s think about what to put into your web calculator: distance in miles, vehicle size, weight, maybe the condition of the car or the specific problem if it can alter the price, since you may require additional tools.

Use this calculator template as basis for your custom car towing cost calculator

Being so transparent and open, you can build much more trust with your client service compared to competitors who don’t have such interactive tools. Use the customized calculator below as your template for your car tow service website and add extra information as needed. Who knows, maybe you’ll come up with an even more creative solution!

05 Car Rental Calculator

An interactive calculator for car rental services will adapt to your business model according to the fields and elements you choose. Add the types of vehicles people can rent, car insurance, time period (it changes the price a little bit, right?), discounts, and show them their best options. Is there a road tax? Include it or add a note that it will cost extra. The Car Rental Calculator is a web tool designed to cut down your resources needed for initial communication with your prospects and boost your brand trust by showing all your cards in advance (and not hiding any extra fees!).

Use this calculator template as basis for your custom car rental calculator

The new car sharing model taking automotive industry by storm makes it easy to rent a car on the way, showing the low price per mile or price per minute, and letting clients estimate calculations in their heads. Stand out from the crowd and your competitors by doing the math for users. You can easily edit this tool by adding or removing any of the fields related to your auto services. In the end, when your potential clients are done with the calculations, you can simply ask for their email address to send them a personal car rental offer. Here’s your lead, no need to thank us!

The possibilities are limitless; it all depends on your creativity.

06 Car Sharing vs. Car Purchase Calculator

Use this calculator template
as basis for your custom car sharing vs car purchase calculator

To rent or to buy a car: it’s a tough decision. Almost as tough as “to be or not to be” ;) I mean, clients find it hard to solve. It’s so tough because if you want to answer it, it requires thinking about your expenses for an entire 3, 4, or 5-year period? This calculator helps prospects make informed decisions. Count total transportation costs, insurance costs, fuel expenditure and more. Often people use good old Excel, which definitely takes more than just a few clicks to track all those car expenses. So this calculator definitely adds value and users will be thankful for your transparency.

This car sharing vs. car purchase calculator will help you answer whether it’s better to use short-term car rental or to buy a car. Many car pros know that the costs associated with owning a vehicle decline after the first year due to depreciation of the car’s value, but also that leasing a car is the most expensive in the first year because of the financial charges. If you’re a financial institution you can help people compare costs and commitments in both cases.

Yet, if you’re a car rental provider, include the price they buy the car for, how much money they lose within the first year (depreciation of the car value), insurance costs, repair cost, maintenance and more. It depends largely on the time they spend driving. If it’s only on weekends, keeping a car is definitely expensive. Depending on your target audience and goals, an interactive calculator can be of great benefit.

And if you’re a car seller, you can show a comparison of how much time they lose, or the benefits of why it’s worth buying from you, how much they can save compared to when purchasing from your competitors, and or if the prospects are driving a lot, then car purchase is a money-saving decision. Instantly collect leads and interact with your auto services clients at the beginning of their customer journey.

Our calculator estimates the pricing of these two options and compares which choice would work better for your potential client. It's a win-win if you're offering both auto services! You give value showing the benefits and drawbacks of each option. This tool can help people evaluate how often they need a car in, let's say, a 3-year period.

It’s up to you, maybe you’ll want to include options for auto services users that are very concerned about the environment and CO2 emissions. For some, it’s a very big criterion when deciding to lease or to buy a car. This template includes all the basics – take a look and adjust it to your service. Here’s an example of a comparison calculator. Use it wisely since it has great persuasion power!

More ideas for Online Calculators detailing auto Services

We only covered the tip of the iceberg of the opportunities Calconic offers! Here‘s a couple more ideas from the infinitive list if you‘re running a car-related services company:

Auto services Web calculators – as digital DIY projects

All of the Car Services Online Calculators described above are just so simple and painless to use. It takes up to 5 minutes to embed them into your website with the CALCONIC_ calculator builder. As a car pro you don't need to have any prior coding knowledge to implement these tools into your website, either. An important thing to remember is that the calculators above are only general versions. As easy as they are to build, they can also be modified in a matter of minutes. Depending on your specific needs, optional settings, prices, calls to action and other elements – everything can be changed and adjusted. All of the Auto Services Online Calculators can be found in the template list once you’re signed in to your CALCONIC_ profile. They’re ready to be used or tweaked to meet your exact needs.

When it comes to choosing the appearance of our calculators, it could become your new digital DIY project. You can match any calculator to the design of your website effortlessly by adjusting the appearance preferences (font, colors, size, resolution, etc.). Our Car Services Online Calculators are outstandingly responsive. They perform flawlessly on any device – desktop, laptop, smartphone, you name it.

Plus, our CALCONIC_ calculator builder lets you build calculators from scratch. From calculating the cost of a vehicle repair project to figuring out how much money you need to put aside for your children's education – there simply no limit if you’ve got the imagination for it. The true demand will emerge from your daily businesses and feedback from your everyday clients. Try to think or listen more carefully to how you can better serve your customers' needs. Maybe these needs can inspire you to create a new interactive calculator! :)

Find more tips about using our calculators on our knowledge base.

Direct benefits for car-related service providers

These web calculators also bring great benefits, both to your business and to your prospects.

Benefits for car-related services

Makes your brand stand out in the market. Most auto services companies provide way too little information about their services on their websites. Tips and recommendations from car pro's followed by blog posts and testimonials are definitely great, but if a client wants to get specific prices, they have to write an inquiry. This means they‘ll have to wait for an answer. Remember comfortable and fast? This is what your prospects will be getting if you embed an interactive calculator into your website. And this is exactly what they‘re looking for, too. Having an interactive tool like a calculator on your website will give you some valuable differentiation, transparency, and encourage your prospects to choose your auto services. But keep in mind, calculators are great interactive content tools that shouldn't be hard to find on your website. Add it to your landing page or have it appear in your menu bar. Show it in its best form straight away!

Boosts your brand trust. Our calculators are not just another marketing scam that trick prospects and leave them without any pay-offs. Far from it, the Auto Services Online Calculators provide exceptionally valuable personalized information, making your brand memorable, transparent and respectable.

Optimizes your workflow. Leave the endless quoting, email inquiries, consulting via live chat and phone calls behind. Instead, have your prospects submit an order, just the way they’d like to, and save tons of time and effort using an instant price quote calculator. Use this precious time to discuss the details once your prospect becomes a customer rather than using the standard back and forth Q&A sessions.

Combines with other sales and marketing tools. Thanks to Zapier integration, your price quote calculator can transfer your leads directly to SalesForce, HubSpot or any other existing CRM system you use. This way, you can keep all your car loving prospects and inquiries in one place!

Benefits to your potential customers

Saves time and provides instant results. Writing an email, waiting for a reply, reading an entire one-pager, replying with more details, and then finally calling to make sure everything is clear. Even reading this sentence took too much time and was kind of annoying, right? The process of exchanging information between you and your prospects takes a lot of time and effort. Web calculators that give instant price quoting solve these issues and provide measurable results instantly, allowing you and your prospect to come to the first meeting feeling prepared and comfortable.

Help to make informed decisions. More often then not, people feel uncomfortable to ask about prices for services if they aren't listed. What can end up happening in this case is that a potential customer will just leave your page and continue along their search without providing you with any contact info. Sometimes all you need to stop the customer from leaving could also be a ROI calculator. Using such type of calculator you can convince the user not only in terms of price, but why it's actually worth to buy from you! Show value in terms of time, health or other benefits that your product or service creates.


Custom interactice calculators allow you to respond quickly to customer inquiries and save time for business. They let yo cut down on the time it takes to answer endless inquiries about prices, timing, savings etc. It helps automotive industry businesses provide the comfortable and fast services that consumers expect from every car-related service.

The 6 basic car calculators were created to form a picture of what they might look like and how they can be used as templates on your own auto services business website. In the automotive industry where competition is so fierce, these are game-changers that can help you make your business the TOP choice.

At the moment you won’t find these calculators in our templates section, however just leave us a comment below and we’ll send it to you in no time!

✌ Thank you for reading :)

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